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Description: Brand for JIAOFANGZIYU JIAOFANGZIYU, is a chain of high-end brands focusing on xinjiang and tian yu. From the brand literally: "JIAOFANG" : the name of the ancient queen's house, representing the luxury of brand chain stores, and the symbol of nobility. "ZIYU" : namely jade material, is produced in Xinjiang and tian county river bank, is the only authentic "hetian jade". It is not Output is scarce and quality is excellent; Compared to "mountain seed jade" extracted from kunlun mountain, "seed jade" The texture is more delicate, moistening, dense and hard, especially its natural layer of natural color, the color spot The beautiful and delightful, the unique charm that the "mountain jade" cannot match. A rare white jade in the world From the viewpoint of geological science, hetian has a clear scientific meaning. It refers to the distribution of kunlun mountains in China The magmatic marble is formed from the contact of the middle acid magmatic magma. It has white jade, topaz, sapphire and moyu A series of varieties, especially white jade as the representative. Its causes and varieties are unique among the world's soft jade. It's typical. The world soft jade variety is single, and many are jasper, and the variety of jade and tian jade, there is the world See white jade, jade in world soft jade crown. Hetian jade is precious to white, especially the white jade in hetian jade is rare, currently only xinjiang Yield. In ancient times, people thought "yutian jade has five colors and white jade is the most expensive." [the king of baibirds - phoenix] In embodying the brand's exclusive recognition model, the ancient legend of the king of the hundred birds - phoenix, as a symbol Elements, phoenix symbolizes auspicious, auspicious and harmonious, since ancient times is the important element of Chinese culture. Since the qin and han dynasties Later, the dragon gradually became the symbol of the emperor, and the imperial concubines symbolized the phoenix, so feng became a representative of women, Also clever with the meaning of "JIAOFANG" to match. [world soft jade crown and the king of the birds] The beauty of the jade - white jade; The grace of the king of birds. To be the world's greatest, to connect them, Together, the best interpretation of the "JIAOFANGZIYU" top, luxurious brand unique charm. In essence, using hetian jade - white jade as the basic design to restore authentic and jade - white jade texture, And integrate phoenix into it, complete and just right. The smooth lines delineated the phoenix looking back The state, which makes the whole identity not only the atmosphere, but also a kind of quiet and spiritual mood, such as poetry Picturesque, rich connotation. A picturesque logo. Phoenix's probe, representative of pepper room · seed jade to hetian jade culture historical inheritance and to the authentic seed jade The requirements, the continuous exploration of the perfection process and the product bold innovation, the refined essence God. In the future development, "JIAOFANGZIYU" will spread the world and carry forward the brand Mission.
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