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Description: Unused concept created for multi-faceted parent company out of Kenya Africa.
Status: Unused proposal
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onsrijk Jan. 05 '18

Where can I download this?

DesignBuddy Jan. 05 '18

@onsrijk Sorry, I'm confused by your question. I don't design logos for free download. It takes much time and effort to create a logo. If you'd like to purchase the design I'd sell it to you. You would receive 100% rights to the design if you chose to purchase it. Private message me if you're interested. Any use of this logo without payment is not permitted. Thanks.

UPDATE: I received your email and replied 3 days ago. Still haven't heard back from you. Figured I'd let you know I responded in case you have junk-mail enabled and never received my reply.

PRMG1986 Jan. 14 '18

First, perfect work! Congratulations! Then these phantom users are probably malicious robots - I've already received emails asking for a budget, but no response. Always be sure to be able to prove the antecedence of your composition, if something or someone improperly appropriates the creation made by you. I say this because I am a Designer and Consultant of Copyrights (bachelor in law). So do not worry about these fake profiles.

DesignBuddy Jan. 14 '18

@PRMG1986 Hey. Thanks for the comment. I eventually heard back from the person who inquired about the logo. It just took a week. They apparently decided to change their business name.

In reply to your mention about copyright and antecedence, do you have any specific recommendations to prevent logo theft and protect design creations (outside of actual copyright which isn't always affordable)? The only ways that I know of for proving ownership of a design are using some timestamp option such as web caches like WayBackMachine, or portfolio upload sites that use date stamps and do not allow changing of upload pics like LogoPond. Though these aren't fool proof or very reliable methods. I find the government database search to be quite limiting as well.

I'd love to hear if you have any other tips for copyright and logos. It seems to be a topic that many designers don't know much about. Thanks!

PRMG1986 Jan. 14 '18

Where I am located (Brazil), we have two important issues: intellectual property and industrial property. A visual signature (symbol logo), although resulting from project scopes, is still an original composition, being protected under intellectual property. However, as a trademark distinction, this visual signature must be registered in the competent governmental institutions (in Brazil, made in INPI) to gain protection as an industrial property.

Intellectual property may also be registered in competent governmental institutions, but the evidentiary medium required in court is based primarily on the prior work. Thus, storing image files in online galleries or via email is still plausible. Creative Commons is also widely used. There are other ways of proving the authorship of a work, but this depends on the legal and public system of each country, which is why I can not need such information without knowing where we are speaking.

To protect a design, it depends a lot on the designer's strategy. For example: leave online jobs only work that is easy to verify or has already been properly registered, keeping offline (in print) those others that may be targets of plagiarism. In addition, any production can be sent to itself through the post office to leave the day and time, both sending and receiving, recorded, proving the previous (not open the envelope - only to prove in court).

You can look for me particularly if you have questions of this nature.

DesignBuddy Jan. 14 '18

@PRMG1986 Great advice. Thank you. Copyright and trademarking is something I (and many designers) never invest much time into learning, probably because of the high learning curve. You bring up a a good point about the rules differing between countries. Also, good point about mailing something to yourself. I've heard of that trick but had forgot about it. I'm in the United States and usually refer my clients to a trademarking / copyright attorney. If I ever get any clients from Brazil I'll keep you mind. Do you by any chance know American copyright / trademarking laws or know anyone who does? I'd love to have a couple people I could refer my clients to if possible. Thanks.

PRMG1986 Jan. 15 '18

I have some contacts in the US who may know lawyers who work with copyright or industrial property. I'll put it in my reminders and, getting it, I'll review it.


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