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Description: The Ignite Conference is a Christian conference specifically for Asian Americans. The flame has a dove in the negative space to represent peace, prosperity and religion.
As seen on: Ignite This City
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JoePrince Jan. 11 '10

I don't feel the whole symbol of a dove pretty much on fire is positive and should represent a church.

bluescue Jan. 11 '10

Hi Joe,**I see what you mean but it's just like in the old testament where Moses was talking to a burning bush who was God. A symbolism deep within the Christian roots. Though thanks for pointing out. Appreciate it.**Cheers!

JF Jan. 11 '10

I'd actually say the dove in the negative space -- on fire or whatnot -- indicates pentecostal traits in certain denominations. Speaking in tongues, whatnot. Is that the case with this conference? Is it apostolic in nature? The only thing I'd adjust here is the kerning %5Bspace between letters%5D, as it's unnaturally spaced to me -- too much. Makes the name lose impact. And 'conference' should be bigger in proportion to the name and logomark %5Bdove%5D. I'm guessing you're trying to make it match up with the last few letters after 'g'...but it isn't doing what you intended, imo. Good luck with it.

JF Jan. 11 '10

P.S. I'd recommend centering and full-justifying 'conference'...and not trying to make it fit in that space. It looks a little off balance that way. And stretch the letters in the name to make it wider if you must...don't space them out so much. Otherwise, good work overall.

Dzwonek Jan. 11 '10

Great work! Gotta say it even though I'm agnostic %3B)

metagramme Feb. 22 '10

The use of flame in Christian symbols isn't only a Pentecostal trait. It's also used in Reformed circles, e.g. the Presbyterian Church which often uses a cross surrounded by flame. I'm thinking specifically of the PCUSA which has a three-line cross with the ascender formed by a skydiving dove.**I think the concept is good given the context, but the vectors could use ironing out. Some of the curves aren't quite right.**The type could use some love too. Is that Franklin Gothic? Did you explore other bold sans faces? Something with a touch more contrast might be nice. **Some of the letters here are a bit awkward. Did you do something to the t? The crossbar seems to narrow and the ascender seems to tall. For letterfit, if a regular-width crossbar causes you grief then I'd maybe lop off the left arm of the t, but extend the right arm a touch. I also recommend tracking the whole thing in significantly, but not too much. You might also want to look at subtly reducing the ear of the g.**Last thing: Conference is leaded way too close to ignite. It's causing phantoms that exaggerate your kerning issues, and it won't reduce too well.

adambomb Aug. 23 '10

I think the mark is great. I'm a Christian, and I don't feel like the logo pigeonholes it into any particular group. You made the dove go perfectly with that shape.**The type would be a lot better if you reduced the tracking, though.

lumavine Dec. 07 '11

Really nice mark. The type concerns above are valid. Great to see this in the gallery, congrats!

Jo0zek Dec. 08 '11

Love the faith. I like solid font of ignite word.


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