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Sumesh A K

Hello! I am Sumesh A K

A Graphic Designer by Profession, with lots of creative ideas. Currently I work at the design studio WowMakers as Brand Identity Expert in Kochi, India. Seriously engaged in graphic design since 2009, when I finally realized that this is what I really love.

I have a passion for creating clean, modern identities, stylish & beautiful logotypes, illustrations and state of the art website designs. I am constantly improving and developing my skills and abilities. I will not hide that I like to set goals and necessarily pursue them.

I have a keen interest in creating stunning brand identities.I have worked with top national and international brands. Some times i work with other freelancers around the world for creating Web Designs and UI desings to their freelance projects.

I work with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator.

I like listening to music. For me music is one of the biggest source of inspiration; prefer melodies, Fusion of classicals.


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