ST Paul Lutheran School

by Logomania • Uploaded: Mar. 26 '10

Description: Logo proposal for St Paul Lutheran School

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: CircleEmblemLutheranSchool

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dotflo said on Mar. 26 '10

i like it

alterego said on Mar. 26 '10

yeah ...nice

sdijock said on Mar. 26 '10

Logomania - I like your portfolio overall, but you might have taken a bit too much inspiration from one of my logos for this one.


Chad Sanderson said on Mar. 26 '10

I don't think a red circle with a banner across the middle was a completely original idea to begin with. The strength of both logos lay in their execution. Very nice work mania.

sdijock said on Mar. 26 '10

@Chad - Agreed, a circle with a banner across the middle isn't a completely original idea. And if that was all that was being copied I'd have no issue here. But when the logo uses the exact same color palette (red and beige), has the same type of banner style (indented at the sides) and also utilizes diamond shapes within the design then I have no choice but to make the comparison.

I'm curious to hear from other designers.

sdijock said on Mar. 26 '10

Not to mention the fact that they're both for religious institutions...

alexanderspliid said on Mar. 26 '10

I don't see a problem. ^ They are both great though.

alexanderspliid said on Mar. 26 '10

and nice portfolio logomania.

jerron said on Mar. 26 '10

The middle designs are different, and the use of a circle with a banner across the lower section dates back to ? But the four diamonds on the outside on both makes me wonder.

Chad Sanderson said on Mar. 26 '10

The diamonds shapes do seem a little suspect. Huh.

logomotive said on Mar. 26 '10

Would make a great casino logo. Roulette anyone?

Logomania said on Jun. 08 '10

@sdijock your logo is a lot better let me tell you, marked as one of my favorites, I wasn't inspired by it though, since the color palette and the basic shape was requested by the client. The little diamonds are part of the lutheran symbolism. I do see the resemblances and I'm sorry if that in one way or another offended you mate :(

@all Thanks for your support, just trying to become as good as the great designers showcasing here!! Will get there hopefully!!

sdijock said on Jun. 09 '10

@ logomania - I really appreciate your comments and thank you for your clarification regarding the similarities between both of our logos. (Although you have to admit that the two do seem to share a lot of creative elements.) Anyway, I accept your reasoning and your apology and ask that you please accept mine as well.

And as for the overall design is concerned I wouldn't really say that mine is better than yours - but I appreciate the compliment regardless. Thanks.

13mu said on Feb. 16 '11

nice! work

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