The Dressing Room 3

by BigAl67 • Uploaded: Mar. 25 '10
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Description: Logo option for a new women's clothing store.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: iconicminimalfashionclothing

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Type08 said on Mar. 25 '10

LOVE THIS ONE! Well done!

bigoodis said on Mar. 25 '10

^agree, but I'm not sure about typo > looks unfinished.

BigAl67 said on Mar. 25 '10

Thanks Alen - you're quick off the mark! Client was leaning towards this one at the presentation today. Will see what they decide.

AlexWende said on Mar. 25 '10

cool mark!!

I'm with bigoodis about the typography. Step in, dress up is also a little bit to far away from the name.

Type08 said on Mar. 25 '10

When I click on 'view all' if I like something I'll point it out immediately! :) I like the typography, maybe just a tad more space between the rows, tag line is on it's place, mark rocks! Love it!

BigAl67 said on Mar. 25 '10

Thanks Ivan and Alex... I was wanting to achieve a very utilitarian, almost public service, wayfinding signage feel so the use of Helvetica was a given for me. I was happy with the balance and composition.. didn't want the tagline to sit too near the name - I guess, given it's early stages though, there's always room for improvement. Thanks for the opinions though - much appreciated.

BigAl67 said on Mar. 25 '10

You guys are on the case today. I see the areas you are referring to Ivan, but I actually am a bit of a fan of overtight leading in the right place. Guess it all comes down to personal preference - what someone sees as too close, someone else sees as cozy. I'm a cozy kind of guy. And I guess placing the tagline a little further away acts as a kind of visual counter balance - the meeting of two extremes in a line spacing sense.
By the way - is anyone else getting these comments pages loading all out of whack in Safari? They load fine in Firefox but not in Safari.

nitish.b said on Mar. 25 '10

sweet...:) i wana peep in:)

Logo Design Monster said on Mar. 25 '10

I think it is amazing that you have managed to represent the door in such a minimal way. Great concept, love the logo.

birofunk said on Mar. 25 '10

^ How come it's in the gallery then David? (that's a honest question, I'm not having a go)

kathariney said on Mar. 25 '10

I think you might want to be careful with this concept, cause to me it looks like a restroom's door instead. As that female figure there is widely seen outside a restroom... so I'd suggest to illustrate it in a different fashion.

nitish.b said on Mar. 25 '10

^^^agree wid kath...the illy used for the mark is so commonly related to a rest room, thats what comes to ur (atleast mine), head, at the first look. If you remove the typeface and put 'HER', the logo works better or maybe people are used to that imagery and concept...but i still dig this for the concept, not the xcecution...:)

logoboom said on Mar. 25 '10

Agree...great design but feel far too utilitarian for fashion. But, depends on the client.

kathariney said on Mar. 25 '10

@nitish... is that why you wanted to peep in? just kidding...

birofunk said on Mar. 25 '10

thats cool David just wondering

BigAl67 said on Mar. 25 '10

Hey - thanks for all the interest folks. Nice to have some varying opinions on the work. Better that than having a design that no-one has anything to say about. I guess for me, a logo has to do more than just be a literal visual metaphor for a certain industry - that can be important - but there's also the need to be memorable, instantly recognisable, and have the all important cut through. I agree, the market is crammed with clothing retailers, so for me, having a logo that 'fits' in with the rest of them is perhaps not always the way to go. I want people to take a second glance, give people a reason to remember and if using a style that is at odds with the rest of my client's competition, then maybe that the route to take. Ultimately, it will be the client who makes the call - and given that I have presented a variety of options, they are getting a range of concepts that cover a few different points of view on how their brand can be best marketed. Like they say, variety is the spice of life.

felro said on Mar. 25 '10

This is good BigAl. A fashion design logo doesn't need to have a certain form to it, it can be absolutely anything you want it to be. Yes most have the same style but definitely not all of them. There isn't a right way or wrong way to design a fashion logo.

logomotive said on Mar. 25 '10

I see a peeping Tom.

logomotive said on Mar. 25 '10

Nice way to handle it Big AL?

logomotive said on Mar. 25 '10

? mark slipped in there.

dikkers said on Mar. 25 '10

to me the tight leading looks necessary to make the left edge of the door.

Looks great!

BigAl67 said on Mar. 26 '10

Thanks Dan... glad you see a logic in the composition. Appreciate the float and comment.

Tømme said on Mar. 27 '10

lovely mark

BigAl67 said on Mar. 27 '10

Thanks for looking in Bronte and Thomas.

Still85 said on Mar. 28 '10

great idea!

BigAl67 said on Mar. 28 '10

Thanks Tomec.

blogwebdesigner said on Apr. 19 '10

Looks nice!

mightybeaver said on Apr. 29 '10

Well made.

CreativeQuino said on May. 15 '10


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