Swan Symbol

by vudstok • Uploaded: Mar. 12 '10

Description: Logo for woman owned web design studio.

As seen on: egopopĀ®

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: girlwomansexylightgentle

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vexeen said on Mar. 12 '10

brilliant..like this very much
should be add to gallery !!

janzabransky said on Mar. 12 '10


ALL4LEO said on Mar. 12 '10

Really nice colours,very interesting how it looks on white background...

fogra said on Mar. 12 '10

I just love this version.

JWTK said on Mar. 12 '10


firebrand said on Mar. 12 '10

A beaut.

andreiu said on Mar. 12 '10

this one looks very nice! coloring is beautiful.

birofunk said on Mar. 12 '10

beautiful colours and blending!congrats

brandsimplicity said on Mar. 12 '10

Truly beautiful!

milou said on Mar. 12 '10

Saw that beauty before, still nice.

designcouch said on Mar. 12 '10

Very nice mark - would love to see this in identity use!

JoePrince said on Mar. 12 '10

This is really cool looking. Sweeeeeet!

OcularInk said on Mar. 12 '10

You handled those gradients exceptionally well.

raja said on Mar. 12 '10

love peace and harmony

plantingseeds said on Mar. 15 '10

Verrry nice colours and blends. It would be interesting to see how you'd translate that logo to a white background and a monochrome version?

Also, kind of an obvious question: but why is the swan not facing the other way so that you have the "S" shape readable in the neck?

TwinklinPixi3 said on Mar. 17 '10


alexanderspliid said on Mar. 17 '10

^^ The version on white background is already in the gallery, fyi. :)

michaelspitz said on Mar. 17 '10

Seen this around > love it!

oski said on Mar. 27 '11


ghiath said on Mar. 27 '11

truly amazing!!

tabithakristen said on Jan. 09 '12

Still in love with this.

effendy said on Jan. 09 '12

What a awesome use of gradients & transparency. Great job!

riocreativo said on Jan. 09 '12

Great! This is like an oasis of calm, lotus on the lake in the land of serenity...

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