by Wizemark • Uploaded: Mar. 10 '10
Gallerized May. '10 5930e96399e189fe47961096506f5e74.png

Description: WIP - Insurance & consulting. Lion was requested. This is 1st concept.

As seen on: www.wizemark.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: blueeleganceclassycrown

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Type08 said on Mar. 10 '10

Ve-ry ni-ce! Vr-lo do-bar! :)

andreiu said on Mar. 10 '10

digging this!

firebrand said on Mar. 10 '10

You're turning out some nice work.

oronoz ® said on Mar. 10 '10

Amazing square lion!!

bigoodis said on Mar. 10 '10

very strong mark!

kathariney said on Mar. 10 '10


Rokac said on Mar. 10 '10

This is great!

milou said on Mar. 10 '10

aha aha I like it.

ethereal said on Mar. 10 '10

Really nice!

raja said on Mar. 10 '10

This a great icon - which sucks because I am/was working on something very similar until I saw this.

It's good to know this is a real project. In seriousness, what really sucks is when a legit concept for a legit business gets 'done for fun' here leaving both designer and business owner in an awkward spot.

Anyway, again, great work wizemark!

JoePrince said on Mar. 10 '10

This is beautiful Srdjan, keep it up bud.

mcdseven said on Mar. 10 '10

pretty cool and the only crit I would have is the dividing line that splits the 'beard; part under the lions chin.... Is that line really necessary? But apart from that it...

Mikeymike said on Mar. 10 '10

keep up the great work, Srdjan.

Chad Sanderson said on Mar. 10 '10

Very strong work!

logoboom said on Mar. 10 '10

This is gorgeous. The middle 3 vertical mane lines seem a tad tight. I'm getting some visual friction there. Does it need the middle one? Great job.

chirp said on Mar. 10 '10

There's regal, then there's regal. This is both. :)

AlexWende said on Mar. 10 '10

cool, nice work!

rudy hurtado said on Mar. 10 '10

This is very strong, nice work.

designabot said on Mar. 10 '10

on fire my friend!

JoePrince said on Mar. 10 '10

Srdjan please throw some type with this so I can see it in the gallery :)

Hayes Image said on Mar. 10 '10

Yeah this is solid, can't wait for type!!

cseven said on Mar. 10 '10

Fantastic line-work. Such a strong mark.

ALL4LEO said on Mar. 11 '10

very strong logo

Wizemark said on Mar. 13 '10

Thanks a bunch, guys! Appreciate your comments!
@raja Thanks, man! I hear you re fun vs real project. It`s true..
@Paul and Glen ye, guys. Middle line might be unnecessary.. will play with it.
@Tony haha. If i ever change my name it`ll be def some wordplay with surgery/surgeon .. :)

michaelspitz said on Mar. 17 '10

Love this guy Srdjan!

AMP said on Apr. 18 '10

I love this! i would have totally picked this logo if i were H&C :)

wizemark said on Apr. 19 '10

Cheers, Michael!
Alanna, he already did. :) Some update to come soon on this one. Thanks!

Mikael said on Apr. 22 '10

Nice lion crest, mate :) Jah

andreiu said on May. 03 '10

i'd choose this one without even thinking! great mark.

wizemark said on May. 03 '10

Thanks, Mikael. :)
Andrei, thanks. I think he will do exactly that. :)

saawan said on May. 06 '10

Looks amazing!

wizemark said on May. 21 '10

^Thanks, bud! :)
I`ve updated this one finally. Still waiting on a colors approvement (blue was requested).

Lecart said on May. 21 '10

fantastic mark!

birofunk said on May. 21 '10

man this is awesome

wizemark said on May. 21 '10

Thanks, Stelian!
And, btw, thanks to Paul and Glen. Middle line is out now. Good call, guys!

logomotive said on May. 21 '10

looks great mate.

Rokac said on May. 21 '10

Amazing. Would really like to see it in z gallery:)

joeprince said on May. 21 '10

I'm trying to hack the system and float it again Srdjan, and then again after that. Love it!

wizemark said on May. 21 '10

Thank you, Niall, Mike, Roko and Joe! :) Appreciate your support, guys!

andreiu said on May. 21 '10

wow! this looks amazing now! congrats!

ethereal said on May. 21 '10

Very nice indeed.

zephyr said on May. 21 '10

Really digging the colors, Srdjan!

OcularInk said on May. 21 '10

Great lion interpretation. Glad to see your client chose this logo.

Mikeymike said on May. 21 '10

AMAZING! love it. well deserved gallery post.

rudy hurtado said on May. 21 '10

I don't want to repeat myself, but, I'm posting the same comment again :)

This is very strong, nice work.

And congratulations!

javaap said on May. 21 '10

Looks great!! great color treatment!!

Gal said on May. 21 '10

Beauty. Gold and Brilliant.)

Mad Skimo said on May. 21 '10

The lion-shield effect really works here!

serhos said on May. 22 '10

Beautiful mark looks very harmoniously with the lettering!

michaelspitz said on May. 22 '10

Hadn't seen it in color yet > looks very cool!

Logomania said on May. 22 '10


pjmaster said on May. 22 '10

Bravo !

designersmesh said on May. 23 '10

Very nice, harmonized colors, simple, symmetrical...
Though lion is a bit sad.

emesghali said on May. 23 '10

great mark. i like how the type is simple and placed to the side, doesn't overpower the image.

myway999 said on May. 23 '10


Porter Design said on May. 24 '10

This is pretty sweet!

wizemark said on May. 24 '10

Thanks for the kind words, guys! Appreciate it!!

KonradK said on May. 26 '10

love it :)

ru_ferret said on May. 26 '10


pakaworld said on May. 27 '10

Just what i need for my work. The colours and the lion.

wizemark said on May. 27 '10

Konrad and Nikita, thanks!
pakaworld, say what?

Jeiji said on Jun. 29 '10

Beautiful! So regal!

rudy hurtado said on Jul. 01 '10

Congratulations Srdjan on the Feature!!

JoePrince said on Jul. 01 '10

Congrats Srdjan! :)

milou said on Jul. 01 '10

Congratulations my friend! (:

vld said on Jul. 01 '10

Jel na ovom radu primas cestitke?... :)
Congrats Srdjan!

ru_ferret said on Jul. 01 '10

yohoo! congrats Srdjan!!

oronoz ® said on Jul. 01 '10

Congrats on the featured mate!! :)

logoholik said on Jul. 01 '10

Welcome to the club Srki! Bra'o!

pjmaster said on Jul. 01 '10

Masala! Iskrene cestitke :)

AlexWende said on Jul. 01 '10

Congrats, *jealous* ;)

Loved your 365 Logoproject and the variaty of your ideas!

michaelspitz said on Jul. 01 '10

Congrats indeed my man! Well deserved!

Hayes Image said on Jul. 01 '10

Congrats Mate!! :)

javaap said on Jul. 01 '10

Congrats!, well deserved indeed!

wizemark said on Jul. 02 '10

Thanks a ton, fellas! It is a damn nice feel to be in the club.. :) This is really flattering.

AMP said on Aug. 07 '10

this is beautiful. great color choice.

hyperborea said on Aug. 09 '10

there' something special about this one.
it's in the middle of the full corporate and cartoon style.
I like it.

wizemark said on Aug. 24 '10

Thanks a lot, guys.

jerron said on Sep. 14 '10

I think someone was inspired by your work http://logorium.com/node/868

wizemark said on Sep. 14 '10

Thanks, Jerron. I couldn`t find this one (?), but i`ve seen some others as well..just have mailed him/them.

milou said on Oct. 24 '11

^ WTF!

wizemark said on Oct. 24 '11

^^That branding sucks. lol! Thanks, domibit! Mail sent.

BeautifulVoid said on Dec. 01 '11

Simply great! :)

milovanovic said on Jan. 31 '12

Bravo majstore. Jedan od boljih logotipa sto sam video u poslednje vreme! Svaka cast

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