The Human Elements

by impodster • Uploaded: Feb. 21 '10
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Description: Repositioning my company - name, mark.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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notation said on Feb. 21 '10

Really awesome. The perspective is perfect and the colors have a great neo-tribal feel.

milou said on Feb. 22 '10

forgot to comment. pretty good mark, nice perspective.

nitish.b said on Feb. 22 '10

trabalisious..:P love it

birofunk said on Feb. 22 '10

love the shape and perspective of the mark..personally the colours are a little vivid for my liking

icu said on Feb. 22 '10

gorgeous, love the elements colours.

emad_d said on Feb. 22 '10

very very very very nice the logo

good luck

mattaebersold said on Feb. 22 '10

Really nice look!

mwiltz86 said on Feb. 22 '10

Nice work

impodster said on Feb. 22 '10

All - thanks for the comments! Glad you got the tribal/primative out of this. I almost included that in my explanation but left out to see if it translated w/o.

Any input on the name itself? I'm already settled on it but am curious about impressions.

rincon said on Feb. 22 '10

waoooo, really love this shape

rincon said on Feb. 22 '10

and the colors are geat

raja said on Feb. 22 '10

oooh yeah you got the ball rolling - this is hot

cseven said on Feb. 22 '10

This jumped out as soon as the page loaded - great mark and lovely clean type!

impodster said on Feb. 22 '10

thanks again for the floats and comments. first time on the board. didn't expect it.

firebrand said on Feb. 23 '10

I really don't like circular, step and repeat logos because they're easy to do in vector programs but it takes a bit more skill to do spherical 3d ones like yours.

Logomotive said on Feb. 23 '10

^ I know what you mean Roy I feel exactly the same way. Seems it's a crutch in design IMO

impodster said on Feb. 23 '10

I agree with your take on creating pattern for mere aesthetic apart from meaning.

Petro said on Feb. 24 '10

Nice colours! Very interesting illustration, looks like maya ornament :-)

brandsimplicity said on Feb. 24 '10

Earth,fire and water...the core elements of life...SWEET!

camilorendon said on Feb. 24 '10

Very nice symbol design, color palette and idea!
please, check my showcase... thnx

impodster said on Feb. 24 '10

brandsimplicity - good read - and life breath,air,spirit at center...

JoePrince said on Jul. 02 '10

Great colors, looks sweeeet!

ashokanandh said on Jun. 22 '11

Gr8 0ne. Love it.

sam1234 said on Apr. 18 '15

The color combination you have used is awesome

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