by serhos • Uploaded: Feb. 19 '10
Gallerized Mar. '10 4fa7977777b6c089a0b11a62c20c9b4b.png

Description: Ecological tote-bags

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: ascus bag tote-bag typography lettering

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oronoz ® said on Feb. 19 '10

Lovely type!!

bitencourt said on Feb. 19 '10

Man, thats really really nice! :)

Mikeymike said on Feb. 19 '10

really like the look and feel of this type. sweet.

serhos said on Feb. 19 '10

Gracias Alan y Breno=) Thank you Mike!

mcdseven said on Feb. 19 '10

looks great

logomotive said on Feb. 19 '10

^ what they aid reminds me of your Catfly which i love!

serhos said on Feb. 19 '10

Thank you Paul.
Mike, you`re absolutely right=) They`ve asked me to make it catfly-ish.

api said on Feb. 21 '10

beauty line :)

birofunk said on Feb. 21 '10

great type Sergey! man you've got a great style

serhos said on Feb. 21 '10

Thank you Peter.
Niall thank you for your appreciation!

Muamer said on Feb. 22 '10

nice n smooth, congrats!

serhos said on Feb. 23 '10

Thank you Muamer!

ru_ferret said on Mar. 11 '10

I love your works, all of them!

badovsky said on Mar. 11 '10

u la la

truenorthe said on Mar. 11 '10

I really like how whimsical this type is. Fun logo!

gogglez said on Mar. 11 '10

I'm blown away by your type work. I'd love to figure out how you manage that... Like truenorthe said, it's whimsical. That's hard to do on a computer sometimes, especially with something as precise as type can be. Great job!

vexeen said on Mar. 11 '10

nice flow

bigoodis said on Mar. 12 '10

realy nice!

JoePrince said on Mar. 12 '10

This is really sweet looking! Nice work mate.

birofunk said on Mar. 12 '10

oh yes...delighted to see this in the gallery

magicshadow said on Mar. 12 '10

I love your works

milou said on Mar. 12 '10

Cool Serhos.

Petro said on Mar. 12 '10


mabu said on Mar. 13 '10

Beautiful my friend.

serhos said on Mar. 13 '10

Nikita: Thank you for your words. Love you works too! They realy have their own style and charm!
Courtney and Steve: I like the word Whimsical 'cause it sounds whimsical=) The main goal was to achive a little fun and similarity with Catfly logo. Your words are a confirmation that I have choosen a right direction=) I guess
Vexeen: Thank you!
Ivan: You have nice stuff! And Thank you for your words!
Joe, Niall, Michal, Milosz, Peter thank you for your kind words too!
Special thanks to you Mads! I think you are the real Master of type so I realy appreciate you words=) Thank you friend!

andrevaleiras said on Apr. 20 '10

handwritten is awesome! great job!

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