Frog de cuisine

by swiss_cheese • Uploaded: Feb. 14 '10
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Description: WIP

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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swiss_cheese said on Feb. 14 '10

Any Ideas on how to improve?

swiss_cheese said on Feb. 14 '10

I just changed the colors a little and added the "French Restaurant"

JoePrince said on Feb. 14 '10

The frog is nice. I think you could probably lose the white spots on it though. Just complicated things and probably wouldn't look good scaled down.

swiss_cheese said on Feb. 14 '10

Thanks Joe, I just removed the white spots as you suggested. Also tweaked tha hat a little.

JoePrince said on Feb. 14 '10

Yeah looks a lot better now. Nice adjustments.

opwancanopie said on Feb. 14 '10

Not too hot on the frog's shape... I like the perspective, but the frog doesn't look appealing... I think it should look more proper... if that makes sense to you.

I really like the type.

nitish.b said on Feb. 14 '10

all is cool here...but frog and cuisine in the same line...:?...never thought that would happn...scary...:)

swiss_cheese said on Feb. 14 '10

^ Well they eat frogs in France ;)

anointeddreamer said on Feb. 15 '10

great job! I it looks very fresh!

ask said on Feb. 17 '10

strange frog (the feet part)

octone said on Mar. 20 '10

we eat fried legs to be precise %u2026 But very very rarely. its quite delicious. (This is not really a good way to resume french cooking I beleve)

They do the same in spain and in Florida with giant frogs


and THIS frighten me :)

nice logo anyway. I would say that the colors between hat (and french restaurant) and the green of frog is too subtile and a bit confusing. there is no need to have 3 colors here, just put the cook hat in the same green as the frog%u2026

pixel crook said on Aug. 27 '14

From distance it looks like a lobster :) I'd simplify feet, they're a little bit confusing and i agree about the colors. Although i like it a lot :)
BTW frog's legs are delicious... like the logo ;)

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