Undersea Productions

by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Feb. 09 '10
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Description: The finalized logo for Undersea Productions. An Australian company specializing in underwater imaging.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: aperturelensfishdolphins

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brandclay said on Feb. 09 '10

bravo :)

raja said on Feb. 09 '10

Escher would be proud, very intelligent design, Siah!

kathariney said on Feb. 09 '10

lovely work

Hayes Image said on Feb. 09 '10

Works on all levels!!

Chad Sanderson said on Feb. 09 '10

Superb work.

logoboom said on Feb. 09 '10

really nice siah.

ethereal said on Feb. 09 '10

Very nice, Josiah.

siah-design said on Feb. 09 '10

Hey thanks all!

I must say this one took a while.The first mock ups showed the concept was going to be tough to execute. But, after sketching and re-sketching and a lot of fine tuning (and faith from the client) we finally made it work. :) Which makes it one of the more satisfying logos I've done.

dotflo said on Feb. 09 '10

i love this siah, congratz

alterego said on Feb. 09 '10

great as usual :)

jn said on Feb. 10 '10

This looks great!

ru_ferret said on Feb. 10 '10


firebrand said on Feb. 10 '10

Nicely executed, Siah. I'm glad all your hard work paid off.

birofunk said on Feb. 10 '10

very nice indeed!

adloram said on Feb. 10 '10

great visual.

Muamer said on Feb. 10 '10

Very nice work, congrats Siah!

milou said on Feb. 10 '10

you did well it Siah!

logomotive said on Feb. 10 '10

Fantastic! both of em are great but this one is spot on.

Type08 said on Feb. 10 '10

Siah, get out of here, amazing!

Gafyn said on Feb. 10 '10

This is very Escher-like. Great concept and execution.

Logobility said on Feb. 10 '10

Nice work Siah!!

icono_design said on Feb. 10 '10

very nice!!!

AlexWende said on Feb. 10 '10

again, great work!

mcdseven said on Feb. 10 '10

fab mark thought I think the type is a bit bland. but mark is fab.

siah-design said on Feb. 10 '10

Once again, appreciate all the love. Thanks to each of you.

lehelmor said on Feb. 10 '10

Love it, great job Siah!

Mikeymike said on Feb. 10 '10

great flow to the icon. very strong design. thumbs up!!

pjmaster said on Feb. 10 '10

We are accustomed to good things from you Siah.

tomokeefe said on Feb. 10 '10

Really nice logo.

sandhya said on Feb. 10 '10

Awesome work! Love the color too :)

richardbaird said on Feb. 10 '10

Well done this is lovely

brandsimplicity said on Feb. 10 '10

How did I miss this..AMAZING!

eziemac said on Feb. 10 '10

This is brilliant :)

cerise said on Feb. 10 '10

Lovely work

sean23uk said on Feb. 10 '10


jurcek said on Feb. 10 '10


Publik Konsumption said on Feb. 10 '10

Simply Beautiful. Props.

datzebao said on Feb. 10 '10


siah-design said on Feb. 10 '10

Thanks to Lehelmor, Mikey, PJ, Gravitart, Tom, Sandhya, Richard, Fabian,Euan, Cerise, Anthony, Sean, Jurcek, Publik and Datzebao. Always a nice feeling to get a positive response. :)

nido said on Feb. 11 '10

yeah... fantastic work siah... nicely done...

carlitoone said on Feb. 11 '10

awesome !

BK said on Feb. 11 '10

awesome execution!

Petro said on Feb. 12 '10

Excellent work!

trofdot said on Feb. 17 '10

It's cool and clever!

logomotive said on Feb. 17 '10

Siah, I'm so proud of you on this one it brings tears to my eyes. You captured the aperture (phot production) while realizing how sharks naturally swim in circles. Perfect mark in all aspects. I can totally see this on the neoprene suits.

siah-design said on Feb. 17 '10

Mike, that means a whole lot coming from you - a whole lot.. Thanks bro.

I'm looking forward to seeing it on their uniforms as well. It was a really great client to work with.

btw, here is a link to their old "logo":http://underseaproductions.com/images/logo.jpg

siah-design said on Feb. 18 '10

Thanks Anthony. :)

Just posted "the process":http://siahdesign.com/archives/948 over on Siah Design

tejash said on Mar. 02 '10


lumo said on Feb. 09 '11

missed this one. great work.

megashred13 said on Feb. 09 '11

one float short of a hundy :)

siah-design said on Feb. 11 '11

Hey thanks guys! Hit 100 :)

Different Perspective said on Oct. 26 '11

I've recently uploaded a logo, and 'ru_ferret' posted me this link in the comments - I didn't see your work earlier but I want to share it with you because I have used the 'dolphin shutter' concept.


by the way - now that I've seen your work I have to say that it is amazing :D

caion said on Jul. 11 '13

in love!

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