royal trivole gardens

by Nitish • Uploaded: Feb. 06 '10
Gallerized Feb. '10 f2fde1d4045bb1cd467539f3354ac7b6.png

Description: a farm house club

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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javaap said on Feb. 07 '10

Nice!, cool mark!

mcdseven said on Feb. 07 '10


nitish.b said on Feb. 07 '10

^^^javaap, mc...thx guys

sbj said on Feb. 07 '10

cool mark!!

ethereal said on Feb. 07 '10

Nice, Nitish.

nitish.b said on Feb. 07 '10

@ sbj. ethereal..thx guy..:)

ru_ferret said on Feb. 07 '10

yeap, very elegant!

JoePrince said on Feb. 07 '10

I knew this was yours just from the thumbnail. Really liking your style nitish.

michaelspitz said on Feb. 07 '10

Great! Nicely done!

rambal said on Feb. 07 '10


nitish.b said on Feb. 07 '10

@ru, joe, michael, rambal...thx a lot guys...appreciate ur floats...:)

sbj said on Feb. 08 '10

Congrts Nitish!

nitish.b said on Feb. 08 '10

hey thx sbj..appreciate it buddy

freshclickmedia said on Feb. 08 '10

I like it, but I can't help but think of this


mattaebersold said on Feb. 08 '10

Very elegant and sophisticated. I like it!

brandsimplicity said on Feb. 08 '10

Nice...but what is a farm house club?

BreezyCreative said on Feb. 08 '10

Symmetrical, Very nice!

nitish.b said on Feb. 08 '10

@freshclick..thx buddy...i design u have posted is no way even close to this concpet.

@mattaebersold...thx a lot man...:)
@brandsimpicity...farm house clubs are private farm house properties which can be hired for business meets, golf tournaments...etc...u got the idea.
@breezy...thx a lot bud

cseven said on Feb. 08 '10

Simple yet elegant, very nicely done.

almosh82 said on Feb. 08 '10

Nicely done...I like your style.

nitish.b said on Feb. 08 '10

@c7, almosh...thx guys..:)

brandsimplicity said on Feb. 08 '10

Thanks! I have never heard the term before....then again I'm an Aussie git:)

rony xu said on Feb. 11 '10

woww ... veryyy elegant, i like it

nitish.b said on Feb. 11 '10

@ brand
@ rony..thx a lot guys...appreciate

firebrand said on Feb. 11 '10

@nitish.b: Your avatar is confusing me. I keep thinking you're nido. ;)

nido said on Feb. 11 '10

I keep thinking im nitish too!...

david_arias said on Feb. 11 '10

Nice use of the type ornament.
I almost used this too for a real estate project. Lookin' good.

krinimal said on Apr. 17 '10

i love the mark and the fonts! amazing work in here!

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