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by Bitencourt • Uploaded: Feb. 03 '10
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Description: Sorry logoponders. Resolved the outstanding issues on this logo, it returned to be displayed. WIP waiting for feedback :)

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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bitencourt said on Feb. 03 '10

WIP - do you see this concept before?

brandclay said on Feb. 03 '10

I get a butterfly right off the bat, but no I have never seen it done like this.

bitencourt said on Feb. 03 '10

Yeah Sean, Thanks for comment :)

myco said on Feb. 03 '10

This is great! Have you thought about reversing the direction of the swirls (counter clockwise from the center rather than clockwise)? I think you might be able to get a pretty clear lower-case "a" and an upper-case "G" - reading in that order - out of the mark if you did.

bitencourt said on Feb. 03 '10

Thanks for the tough, Myco! i will try something in that way. I'm working with this way to maintain the shape of the tooth and a fairy wing, that if I flip to aG I lose. But i will try in another proposal, thank you! ps. sorry about my english... :'(

myco said on Feb. 03 '10

Looin back at my last comment, I realize it doens't really make much sense. I thinkyou got the idea though. I was suggesting you switch the two top swirls to make it read aG in that order.

luiz_adelino said on Feb. 03 '10

boa bittencourt, i liked

Bitencourt said on Feb. 03 '10

I understand your comment Myco! Thanks, i will try it :)

Valeu Luiz, Que bom que vocÍ curtiu, cara.

felro said on Feb. 03 '10


bitencourt said on Feb. 04 '10

Well, i don't know what 'xobile' mean, but thanks anyway! hahah :)

hamidos said on Feb. 05 '10

nice design but by the way what language is this

michaelspitz said on Mar. 04 '10

The Behance breakdown looks great!

Bitencourt said on Mar. 05 '10

bitencourt said on Nov. 15 '10

Thanks joe! :)

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