art flora design

by bigoodis • Uploaded: Feb. 02 '10
Gallerized Nov. '10 b57adc6380d617bc2c438f2594beb5a8.png

Description: art flora design is Online stores sell and deliver flowers, in the central flower you can see the "dog" (@).

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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milou said on Feb. 02 '10

this is nice as well.

eziemac said on Feb. 02 '10

That's lovely. Send it in JPEG form to a girl on valentines day, they would love it, trust me!

bigoodis said on Feb. 02 '10

Thanks guys! :)

birofunk said on Feb. 02 '10

very nice indeed, you've a great showcase going on

bigoodis said on Feb. 02 '10

Thanks Niall!:)

Pierro said on Nov. 10 '10

Nice one buddy!

bigoodis said on Nov. 10 '10

Thanx Pierro :)

Mikeymike said on Nov. 11 '10

^^what Alena said. and great type a flower arrangement design, man.

contrast8 said on Nov. 11 '10


bigoodis said on Nov. 11 '10

wow!:) Thanks for nice words friends!

atomicvibe said on Nov. 11 '10

Nice composition. I like the subtlety of the @ symbol doubling as the central flower, but I think it's almost TOO subtle for many people to ever get (without it being pointed out) especially considering the lack of references to the internet in the company name. If the company were called "Web Flora Design," or something that clearly defined this company as an internet florist, I think many more people would get the @ symbol/flower connection. It's still a lovely mark, though.

AMP said on Nov. 12 '10

beautiful work!

bigoodis said on Nov. 12 '10

Thanks a lot guys

thesmallmonsters said on Nov. 12 '10

The drawing of the flowers is really charming! (And I didn't even see the @ until you pointed it out.) Lovely!

mavric said on Nov. 13 '10

kudos, nice one

bigoodis said on Nov. 15 '10

Thank you guys!

brandmantra said on Nov. 16 '10

this is so pretty:-)

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