Galeria 291

by kitune • Uploaded: Apr. 05 '07
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doc4 said on Apr. 18 '07

This is a beautiful graphic, congratulations. The nine is what made me click for a larger view. Very well executed.

kitune said on Apr. 19 '07

thanks!! ;)

check this version:

kitune said on Apr. 20 '07

logomotive said on Apr. 20 '07

I have been reading this as 291 Galeria this whole time so I agree with ryantoyota there , BUT I do like it aesthetically.

dotTOM said on May. 03 '07

this deserves A and definitely hits my favourites list! the only critique would be agreeing with logomotive and rayntoyota - word Galeria needs to go on top of the logo.

leka said on May. 03 '07

I like dynamics of it, rhythm, movement. And it goes far with turning numbers into forms. Good work.

kosta said on May. 04 '07

Maybe, but only maybe, should "9" be more readable (longer tail).

Otherwise, fantastic!

brandsimplicity said on May. 29 '07

Very nice,a lovely piece of typography.

firebrand said on Jun. 11 '07

stunning in it's simplicity.

CynicalKiddo said on Jun. 12 '07

Other than reading it backwards, numbers first, it's amazing!

em said on Sep. 14 '07

LOVE it, especially 9 and 1 !

Michigan Web said on Dec. 27 '09

I agree... 9 should be a touch longer. Very cool though.

AzorianArtz said on Sep. 26 '14

Beautifully simple!!!
Love every bit!
Even tought it may be read backwards i think it is perfect because the is problably the most balanced way of fitting the word "galeria" into the 291 design itself and not destroying the rythm created by the shapes that give the illusion of the number, taking advantage of that empty place under the "2" and before the leg of the "9".
The size of the leg of the "9" is perfect too because it's big enough to give the immediate impression of a 9 without loosing it's intrigue factor and makes us be captivated by the logo shape and rythm.
It just my opinion and taste! Great work!!

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