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Description: Although the lightbulb is overused, I believe when used in this instance it is far enough removed from the traditional sense that it doesn't seem generic. The lightbulb is the shape of the top of the tank, in case it wasn't obvious. The basic concept for the logo was to combine think (or thought) with tank. The lightbulb was the only universally recognizable symbol I could muster up for thought.

I know the typography needs work, but this is what I settled on temporarily.

As seen on: Visual Thinktank

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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alto said on Jan. 20 '10


langebæk said on Jan. 20 '10

Great concept!

Alexander said on Jan. 20 '10

Thanks so much for the kind words.

JoePrince said on Jan. 20 '10

This made me laugh for some reason :) I like the idea!

Alexander said on Jan. 20 '10

Thanks Joe. If I can at least make someone laugh I've done something right, I hope lol.

michaelspitz said on Jan. 20 '10

Good concept! Well played! :)

JoePrince said on Jan. 20 '10

Fix kerning between T and A.

ethereal said on Jan. 20 '10

Nice, I like it.

brandclay said on Jan. 20 '10

much better

yelds said on Jan. 20 '10

nice concept.

S.vanElderen said on Jan. 21 '10

This rox, this would fit in all kind off languages nice concept!

andreiu said on Jan. 21 '10

very sweet thinky-thanky. :p

wizmaya said on Jan. 21 '10

I like it a lot with the green background as is. Nice mate!

Larkef said on Jan. 21 '10

Totally love this clever logo!

tdf said on Jan. 21 '10

Just when I thought an original logo couldn't be made with a light bulb... nicely done!

Tømme said on Jan. 21 '10

lol pretty clever :) love the idea

Tømme said on Jan. 21 '10

Not to be picky or anything, but I think you could refine the kerning on the type. In my opinion, the 'T' of Tank is too close to the 'K' of Think. But that doesn't break down the great concept of this logo ;-) cheers

jerron said on Jan. 21 '10

Cool. I'm just wondering why the gap between the track and bulb on the back end? The tank might look better heading to the right instead of left.

mattaebersold said on Jan. 21 '10

This is really fun. I like the symbolism.

grigoriou said on Jan. 23 '10

not just another lightbulb logo. good job bro!

lucadolci said on Jan. 23 '10

Very nice concept.
Congrats! :)

plantingseeds said on Jan. 23 '10

It's got a lot of quirky attitude, this mark. And I completely agree about using a cliche in a creative way. Cliches are over-used because they work plain and simple. It's all in how you implement them that matters, I think.

rambal said on Jan. 25 '10

silent fun settled concept.
Jus love it

Spectr said on Jan. 25 '10

Smart concept. But something bothers me about this execution. Why did you choose to copy and paste the http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/90630">lightbulb illustration that you did for Logiq Design? Does the client realize the LD initials are present upside down in the ThinkTank logo? I am not aware of the relationship of the two entities. But if ThinkTank is a product of Logiq, then why not turn the LD rightside up? If they have no relationship, then why not re-render the bottom of the lightbulb?

epsilon said on Jan. 25 '10

He _is_ Logiq Design :-)

Spectr said on Jan. 25 '10

Epsilon, I understand that. But is ThinkTank an entity under the umbrella of Logiq Design? If so, then the appropriation of the LD initials embedded in the lightbulb tip is acceptable, as the LD would be a nice and subtle way to refer back to Logiq Design. But it appears upside down here so I am curious as to whether the designer just chose to reappropriate his illustration.
I'm fascinated.

matt061398 said on Jan. 26 '10

way to make a origional idea out of a overused symbol... very clever.

Alexander said on Jan. 26 '10

Thanks for the response everyone. I never expected this much.

To answer some questions, yes, the Thinktank falls under the Logiq Design umbrella, which is why initially I used the LD as part of the lightbulb. I will be making modifications and flipping it around a bit to include it rightside up. I wanted it to be there, but not obvious.

Thanks again everyone, it means a lot to get this many comments and such, and is great motivation to keep improving the mark.

Spectr said on Jan. 27 '10

Alex, I appreciate your response. Thank you for resolving my question.
I saw this logo and immediately recognized the LD from your Logiq Design logo, which I had seen three days prior. The hidden LD is a very nice detail. You can easily get away with letting the initials read right-side up and still remain relatively subtle.
Doing this will turn your tank to the right which is also a great compositional improvement. The direction of movement on a page in our culture is left to right. If your tank points to the right, the direction of travel, it takes on a progressive approach. With the tank pointing against the direction I read (as it is here) it appears to "dig its heels in". This current route is probably less appropriate for the brand's intent.

tentcamper said on Jan. 28 '10

very creative

artopianalex said on Jan. 28 '10

Love it. Clean, original, and I love work with a sense of humor.

datzebao said on Feb. 03 '10

Fanstatic logo, smart and effective!

fosterbarker said on Oct. 31 '10

The lightbulb isn't dead. It was just waiting for a strong, original concept to come along and properly revive it. Way to go!

alexander said on Oct. 31 '10

Thanks so much. :)

njugsy said on Sep. 28 '15

Alexander,is this for sale?

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