by nido • Uploaded: Jan. 17 '10
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Description: Big thanks to logomotive Mike for his major assistance on this!... couldnt have done it without you.

As seen on: cameo

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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JoePrince said on Jan. 17 '10

Love the look and colors!

nido said on Jan. 17 '10

cheers joe... cant big up Mike enough on this one... he wa brilliant... as per usual..

chrisrojo said on Jan. 17 '10

Look's really nice!

fanego said on Jan. 17 '10

Ooh sweet!

OcularInk said on Jan. 18 '10

Just put on my 3D glasses. That logo is poppin!

nido said on Jan. 18 '10

cheers fellas....

Art Machine said on Jan. 18 '10

Nice. Reminded me of the neon sign from the 50's.

nido said on Jan. 18 '10

^I'm glad... that was what they wanted...

logomotive said on Jan. 18 '10

Yeah Nav.

Art Machine said on Jan. 18 '10

Great job then :)

Muamer said on Jan. 18 '10

^Yeah, nice!

nido said on Jan. 19 '10

cheers fellas!...

thomas said on Jan. 22 '10

Very nice work. Love the flow!

nido said on Jan. 24 '10

merci mille fois mon frere...

Mikeymike said on Feb. 10 '10

excellent!! love th colors on this.. font really fits what you were going for.

brandsimplicity said on Feb. 10 '10

Sweet design mate.

nido said on Feb. 10 '10

cheers fellas... its one of my faves...

mattaebersold said on Feb. 11 '10

I love it. Looks vintage.

gourdart said on Feb. 16 '10

I love the look and the 50's feel...
I am having trouble with the font flow- I read it as Caineo--it doesn't look like part of the "m"

dotd420 said on Feb. 16 '10

sucker for those colors

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