by EBrown • Uploaded: Jan. 14 '10
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Description: Unused proposal. Revisited for fun.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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ethereal said on Jan. 14 '10

Sweet, I like it.

Wizemark said on Jan. 14 '10

ethereal said on Jan. 14 '10

Personally I'm not seeing a conflict at all.

Gymbo said on Jan. 14 '10

The only thing similar about this http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/75937 and the datective is that they both are about dating. I see no other similarities..

Whatever you are smoking pass it along..

Either way this logo is very nice..

Gymbo said on Jan. 14 '10

Oh wait you both us red colors..

Wizemark said on Jan. 14 '10

Easy, Gymbo, eh? Show some work first than we can talk further..
Anyway, i`m not saying it`s exact, but what if i remove the tie, replace it with the chain, change its hat, take the glasses off or made them just bigger and post it as `rnb lover` or some. Or what if i replace sun glasses with some old ones, add some mustaches and bow tie and post is a `old lover`. See where i`m going? I`m sure we all could come up with an army of characters that use heart shape as a body and add/remove details around. It kills the concept and make it looks more like a set of the icons for some dating crappy site than a logo.
Not smoking anything, but can hook you up with some quality meth, e`s, etc if interested.

nido said on Jan. 14 '10

^that's a lot of changes... I'm sure with that many you could even have it looking like FedEx!...

Wizemark said on Jan. 14 '10

haha, ye.. probably something phallic as well.

JoePrince said on Jan. 14 '10

I kind of like it despite any similarities. They're both nice.

EBrown said on Jan. 14 '10

thanks for the comments. Previous to the placing this on the pond it was a proposed design in a contest on 99designs. I had this logo on here a while back, and it used to be on brandstack as well but I took it down. Made a few minor tweaks an placed it back in the pond. .:Links:. http://99designs.com/contests/15573/entries/14
dated - 12/25/08 previous to you posting yours on the pond. So the similarities you see are uninspired, and yeah this was a proposed logo for a crappy dating site. Thanks again for the comments.

Wizemark said on Jan. 14 '10

I hear u, man, i didn`t say that you`ve been inspired with my design, don`t get me wrong, plz. I`m just saying that too many heart like ppl logos with barely some changes are gonna start looking as an icons. And with crappy dating site, i didn`t mean your logo is crappy. :) I like your execution.

Now, for the record, even i`m not very proud on that, but i`ve been on 99d even when it was sitepoint. Please take a look at this (date Apr 20, 2008 8:32 pm ) http://99designs.com/contests/6683/entries/45 And something really similar to that i`ve done probably even back in 2007 for the other concept. I can try to find that if you want me, but i think that we can stop here. Hm?

Wizemark said on Jan. 14 '10

for the other contest*

EBrown said on Jan. 14 '10

Thanks, yeah I understand what your saying wizemark.

palattecorner said on May. 19 '14

I like it verymuch.Keep it up!

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