by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Jan. 07 '10
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Description: Concept proposal for an upcoming online shop in South Africa.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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brandclay said on Jan. 07 '10

yah turned out grea,t good job man

siah-design said on Jan. 07 '10

Thanks buddy

JoePrince said on Jan. 07 '10

Looks unbalanced to me, like the house/cart is going to fall over. Adding the front left wheel maybe would "complete" it more? Love the simplicity of it though Josiah! :)

ajgagnon said on Jan. 07 '10

Yes, I like the simplicity too. I think it might need two more wheels?

michaelspitz said on Jan. 07 '10

Great solution!

siah-design said on Jan. 08 '10

Thanks guys!

Originally, I intended to have the human mind recognize the house first and then see the cart. When you see it that way I think the icon is balanced.

However, if you see the cart first, (as some of you did) you then see the house as a big cart and then that is when may appear unbalanced. The client likes it and I like so at this point I'm planning on leaving it as is. Thanks for the suggestions though! :D

andreiu said on Jan. 16 '10

love the simplicty of it. great work as always!

nido said on Jan. 16 '10

brilliantly done there Josiah.. good work...

nitish.b said on Jan. 16 '10

nice...very peaceful.

nexqunyx said on Jan. 16 '10

Good good!

felro said on Jan. 17 '10

nice execution man

esotericsean said on Jan. 17 '10

Looks like there should be a wheel on the left side.

mattaebersold said on Jan. 18 '10

Good job getting the cart and home in the same mark. Cool.

oronoz ® said on Jan. 18 '10


siah-design said on Jan. 18 '10

Hey all thanks for the kind words.

@Houston: Yea, I think it got mucked up in the jpg export... I'll double check on that though...

mabu said on Jan. 19 '10

So cool dude :-)

amrit said on Jan. 30 '10

neat. the perspective could do with some corrections.

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