Westbrooke Church

by BluesCue • Uploaded: Dec. 29 '09
Gallerized Dec. '09 639752b4e346c0fed50b098558f47f49.png

Description: Use of joined hands, a dove and the letter W.

-revised - fixed kerning.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: religionjoinedjoindovehand

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JoePrince said on Dec. 29 '09

Nice mark, kerning could use some work though.

bluescue said on Dec. 29 '09

Thanks for the comment, Joe!

True, I just noticed the kerning and will fix it.

Thanks again!

Larkef said on Dec. 30 '09

The hands look great!

bluescue said on Dec. 30 '09

Thanks larkef!

ahab said on Dec. 31 '09

cool concept and execution.

mabu said on Jan. 02 '10

Great job buddy. I'd add some more horizontal space between Westbrook and Church though.

cardinals said on Jan. 03 '10

great job buddy

canerdinc said on Jan. 04 '10


novima said on Jan. 04 '10

nice concept, very well played! ;)

bluescue said on Jan. 05 '10

Thanks for all the comments, guys. This is my first design to enter the gallery. Appreciate it!

felro said on Jan. 07 '10

sweeet mann!

smsdesigns said on Jan. 11 '10

Very nice work- gave me color inspiration for a church young married group I'm working on.

koma said on Feb. 11 '10

wu tang clan ain't nuthin to f*** wit! :)

bluescue said on Feb. 17 '10

excuse me?

bluescue said on Feb. 17 '10

oh! LOL

adambomb said on Aug. 23 '10

I think I would love this logo if it weren't for the movie Napoleon Dynamite. Because of that, it just makes me laugh.

If you're not familiar with the Happy Hands Club, go http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDz00bfWJDM">here (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EDz00bfWJDM) and watch the last 60 seconds or so of the video.

adambomb said on Aug. 23 '10

It's definitely well-designed, though. It just has the Napoleon Dynamite connotation in my head.

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