by vasvari • Uploaded: Dec. 10 '09

Description: Logo design for a waterproofing company – Waterproof Structures LTD., New Zealand.

As seen on: http://petervasvari.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: spacenegativespacenegativenegative space

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JF said on Dec. 10 '09

Wow. This is fabulous! A superb use of negative space. Type is a perfect fit. Very nice execution on this; concept is great, graphics are great.

milou said on Dec. 10 '09

^ haha

JF said on Dec. 10 '09

*cry* ...ugh, W. Too bad this logo has to suffer because of him...

gentleone said on Dec. 10 '09

Fabulous mark! And I disagree that it looks like Bush logo... okay, its a 'W' too, but it has no similarity with this mark at all.

vasvari said on Dec. 10 '09

Gentleone! Thank you ever so much! ;)

j-CAZ said on Dec. 10 '09

Bingo, like it. Forget that W The President sticker. I always hated it. Gives me an idea.

vasvari said on Dec. 10 '09

Ok and thank you j-CAZ! ...and I like it your negative logo ;)

vasvari said on Dec. 10 '09

Thanks JF your comments!

rincon said on Dec. 10 '09

love it, it is very original and unique

epsilon said on Dec. 10 '09

Who's that bush person ? Some sort of native Australian or something ?

vasvari said on Dec. 11 '09

Rincon thank you nice saids! Thank you for the additional collaboration...

balic said on Sep. 30 '11

This one is famous for a reason!
One of my favourite logos.

vasvari said on Sep. 30 '11

I am really glad about this, thank you Luka!

usider said on Aug. 11 '15

Hi. I like your ideas. I need to have a logo and an icon for an android application. can you send me an email ?

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