Smart Plumbing (chosen concept)

by Siah-Design • Uploaded: Dec. 09 '09
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Description: Chosen monogram concept done for Smart Plumbing. The color green was implemented to go with their focus on eco friendly products and services.Copyright Josiah Jost and Siah Design © 2009

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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Conway Anderson said on Dec. 09 '09

Nice job here.

brandsimplicity said on Dec. 09 '09

Great design big fella!

dotflo said on Dec. 10 '09


Type08 said on Dec. 10 '09

SIAH - Smart Ideas At Hand !

siah-design said on Dec. 10 '09

Thanks guys!

Had to chuckle at your acronym, Alen :)

m1sternoname said on Dec. 10 '09

This is really nice Josiah, good idea on placing the mark right to the type :)

Gafyn said on Dec. 11 '09

Great work. Love the colour.

siah-design said on Dec. 11 '09

Thanks Floris and Gafyn :)

alexanderspliid said on Dec. 11 '09

Whats the type?

crislabno said on Dec. 11 '09

lovely as always <3

alexanderspliid said on Dec. 11 '09


pjmaster said on Dec. 11 '09

Really smart (-

brandclay said on Dec. 11 '09

perfecto bud

siah-design said on Dec. 12 '09

Thanks Gents

@Alexander: It's Gotham Black

eziemac said on Dec. 12 '09

strong solution, well played Josiah :)

Danilops said on Dec. 12 '09

Great! I just thought this green doesn't makes me think about eco friendly issues, maybe it's just me.

tamerkoseli said on Dec. 13 '09


cseven said on Dec. 13 '09

Simple and clever - nice one Josiah.

Natashar said on Dec. 14 '09

this is really awesome!

pictofactor said on Dec. 15 '09

Smart choice on typography bold and strong but I would also round a bit the corners to go more in line the Plumbing tubes. Maybe a lighter green would be more eco friendly, because this is maybe too radioactive ?
Nice work!

ryanlynndesign said on Dec. 17 '09

Nice. It's good to see a logo on here that's both clever and actually for something not made up.

ethereal said on Dec. 17 '09

Very nice, like this a lot!

@ ryanlynndesign: I hear ya, but sometimes it's fun just to dream up an idea, refine your skills and have fun too.

dbunk said on Dec. 18 '09

Smart Designing..!

TwinklinPixi3 said on Dec. 23 '09

Slick :)

Muamer said on Jan. 09 '10

Very very nice, Siah :)

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