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Description: WIP - For a Womens Holiday retreat. I have updated the text.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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giyoo said on Dec. 03 '09


JF said on Dec. 03 '09

Graphic is great; type that I guess says "Foundation" is horribly small, and hurts my eyes to read, in all honesty. You may want to adjust that. 'Cause at a standard small size, it will be impossible to read. Heads up.

cerise said on Dec. 09 '09

Hey thanks David

tass said on Dec. 09 '09

The symbol colors are unbelievable! Beautiful! I also agree JF regarding the small text.

rincon said on Dec. 09 '09

impressive, congrat.

dannygdammit said on Dec. 09 '09

cool imagery, but the type suffers greatly I think

cerise said on Dec. 09 '09

Yeh I think you're right Danny Dammitt

cerise said on Dec. 09 '09

Thanks for the floats and comments

rudy hurtado said on Dec. 09 '09

Awesome Cerice.

cerise said on Dec. 09 '09

Thanks Rudy

aaronwest-3887 said on Dec. 10 '09


cerise said on Dec. 10 '09

Thanks Aaron appreciate it

nexqunyx said on Dec. 10 '09

Well done! love the colors:)

cerise said on Dec. 10 '09

Thanks heaps Patrik

nido said on Dec. 10 '09

...yeah fantastic work on the mark cerise...

logomotive said on Dec. 10 '09

Ceris, don't kill me for my ignorance but to be honest what does it represent? I'm seeing first the top of a wine glass and C's? can you explain more? It's lively and colorful just wondering about concept.

cerise said on Dec. 10 '09

We'll that's ok Mike. The mark represents a flower (feminine) and the bright colours give the mark a summery beachy feel which Australia is reknown for. The name OTIS has nothing to do with the name. It's actually the founders dogs name "woof woof". Otis is a series of holiday type retreats for woman suffering from cancer, so the bright colours are supposed to make the mark more positive.

cerise said on Dec. 10 '09

Thanks Nido

logomotive said on Dec. 10 '09

;) oh thanks, sorry if it sounded neg. by all means not meant to be, just curious.

cerise said on Dec. 10 '09

Hey mate, I know that!! I'm glad you asked. I should write more about my logos in the description, when they aren't self explanatory. Anyway have a great day, keep on cranking out jaw dropping logos.

studdude said on Dec. 12 '09

Nice colours. Good job!

Natashar said on Dec. 14 '09


mattaebersold said on Dec. 18 '09


cerise said on Dec. 23 '09

Thanks Mattaebersbold, Natashar and Stud

yorkstar said on Jan. 11 '10

This is definitly a Eye catcher!
I scrolled true the pages of logopond and this really does get the attention!
Great job

cerise said on Jan. 12 '10

Thanks Yorksta

cerise said on Jan. 28 '10


Wow I had no idea someone would steal so freely

milou said on Jan. 28 '10

damn... they even haven't change anything...

JF said on Jan. 28 '10

Holy good God. This logo has been up on the Pond for only about 6 weeks....I hope you know how to write a good 'cease and desist' letter -- better yet, find a lawyer to do that for you.

Approach it with the words 'I have employed legal counsel' in a certified, official letter and they should compensate you for unauthorized use within a short time.

cerise said on Jan. 28 '10

Thanks for the advice

JF said on Jan. 28 '10

Oh my GOOD GOD. I just found out where they got it from -- it's another 99designs.com horror story. Those sites are ALWAYS filled with thieves! No accountability, mixed with a distinct lack of ethics and a good dose of desperation....specwatch.info will need to have this story posted on their site!

Here's where the sad, sad story of cerise's stolen logo started: http://99designs.com/contests/36220

logomotive said on Jan. 28 '10

Bunch of BS! I feel your pain Cerise. had a few also stolen from these piece of crap sites, and crappy designers.

logomotive said on Jan. 28 '10

^ it's called desperation. I see a LOT of that these days.

JF said on Jan. 28 '10

Go to name.com, do a WHOIS record lookup, find their contact physical address, mail a certified letter with firm legal language [don't e-mail; it's not scary enough and they won't take you seriously]...have a lawyer write it up for you, and sit back and watch them freak out.

When people hear 'I have proof you're a thief, and I'm suing you unless you pay for damages' they usually turn around pretty fast. A lawyer is absolutely necessary in this case.

I'd also be tempted to name 99designs.com in the lawsuit, as they facilitated it. Perhaps if more of us sued the harbor of these thieves, there would be less thievery happening. Still would happen, but....perhaps less so. Good luck.

JF said on Jan. 28 '10

Oh, absolutely. And it also comes from, I really must say...a LACK of TALENT.

cerise said on Jan. 28 '10

Thanks for the support people :)

rudy hurtado said on Jan. 28 '10

Same type face and everything, sorry to hear that Cerice.

logomotive said on Jan. 28 '10

I'd LOVE to see some Big lawsuit against these sites and thieves. I pray for the day. Sad for the honest ones but they are allowing this stuff without any prior credentials or who is submitting the work. You get what you pay for and that includes stolen goods.

cerise said on Jan. 28 '10

Thanks guys, anyway I better finish this damn poster that I'm doing as the bloke in the next office is waiting for it. Appreciate all the kind words and at least the word is out on this maggot.

ethereal said on Jan. 28 '10

Awe, man, that sucks. That happened to me a few months ago, complete, 100% rip off just like that, somebody alerted me of some ass who took one of my logos and entered it into a contest at Crowdspring. I agree with the comments about the spec work sites, the places are filthy and it's a horrible model that simply hurts our industry. I'll be the first to admit I tried out some contests there about a year ago when I first heard of places like that, but I soon realized how sleezy, disgusting and just plain wrong and hurtful they are. Me and my family will starve before I ever do that again.

firebrand said on Jan. 28 '10

Feeling your pain bro. I had one this week too - My Ca Roule logo is now an app on iTunes.

raja said on Jan. 28 '10

That is unfortunate. Please don't let this deter or change your way conducting things. Like the guy's who have posted above describe, it does suck, just don't be discouraged. Himm what was that Martin Luther King quote... "Let us realize the arc of the moral universe is long but it bends toward justice." The internet is like that too.

cerise said on Jan. 28 '10

Thanks guys - We'll just let Karma take it's course.

metrospective said on Jan. 30 '10

Dudes, hold on... I literally had it up on my page for like 2 days to inspire a logo designer... it's now off. I just really really thought it's the best logo I've ever come across. I did not mean to tick anyone off - sorry :(

jn said on Jan. 30 '10

well - there are other ways to inspire a designer and it would be a waist of good design to make something exactly like it. If your designer is not capable of making an original mark or design - i would advise you to find another. You could have shown him the link to this page and he could get his inspiration from here instead. Consider that next time you think of something that stupid! :)

jn said on Jan. 30 '10


metrospective said on Jan. 30 '10


cerise said on Jan. 30 '10

JF said on Jan. 30 '10

metrospective: one millisecond of it being on your page is enough to qualify it as theft. And, cerise still has grounds to sue you. A formal apology is the least you could do.

JF said on Jan. 30 '10

[Translation: you should be kissing cerise's arse, not acting like an arrogant jerk.]

JF said on Jan. 30 '10

Here's one example of law that covers what I'm talking about: http://www.ussc.gov/2004guid/2b5_3.htm

brandsimplicity said on Jan. 30 '10

@metrospective...mate that's just too arrogant for words.

metrospective said on Jan. 31 '10

I have apologized already... can we just drop it? I don't want any enemies here and please bear in mind that 99% of people wouldn't even own up to nicking a logo for 2 days...

I mean really guys, I just wanted to paint a picture of what I'd like to see in my new logo - take it as a compliment. I have taken the logo down - which was the intention to start off with.

The compo is still open, but I guess many of you won't get over this episode... however, if any of you are interested, I am looking for the best logo I can get, followed by site and corporate stationery.

Again, I am soooo sorry if I offended anyone... I've got nothing but love for you guys :)

michaelspitz said on Jan. 31 '10

^^^^^^^^^^This crap makes me sad... :(

BTW: Killer mark Craig! Great work! :)

Norbornano said on Feb. 23 '10

Stylish and Gorgeous, excellent logo 11/10

folkupaul said on Jul. 02 '10

I see the "U" letter, but very good!

cerise said on Jul. 03 '10

Thanks a lot for the kind words. I appreciate it, although the client didn't. Anyway it's available for whatever now. Might use it for myself.

VERGad said on Aug. 18 '10

wonderful! i love looking into the shapes trying to figure it out. love it!

cerise said on Aug. 18 '10

Thanks mate, appreciate that

cerise said on Nov. 05 '10

thanks bag

JoePrince said on Nov. 21 '10

Hey where you been man? Nice work btw.

cerise said on Nov. 21 '10

Thanks Mr Prince. Been busy with work life stuff. Always checking out logopond though. But I'm not .....http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/73750

Keep cool til after school

gadietrich said on Aug. 19 '15

Hey Cerise, this logo is great...a client sent it to me for some inspiration because they loved the font. Would you mind telling me what the font is that you are using for "OTIS"?

cerise said on Aug. 31 '15

Hi Greg thanks for the compliment. The Otis font was GeosansLight. Cheers Craig

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