by Type08 • Uploaded: Nov. 18 '09
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Description: Gift shop.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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alterego said on Nov. 19 '09

yep... i can see a gift box nice color combo as well :)

Type08 said on Nov. 19 '09

Thanks Shy, it's a wrap! ;)

brandsimplicity said on Nov. 19 '09

You do know I love this? Did you considered a nice thin script serif for the tagline?

Type08 said on Nov. 19 '09

Hey mate, thanks for the idea but I didn't, I wanted it to be clean and super simple...

!mude said on Nov. 19 '09

Looks great Alen.

Type08 said on Nov. 19 '09

Thanks a lot, Dennis!

Houston-we said on Nov. 19 '09

This is so gooood, Alen... So clean, simple and pleasant to look at, really relaxing ;) Keep rocking!

Rokac said on Nov. 19 '09

^I agree. Very plesant to look.

mfrank said on Nov. 19 '09

ooh! Pretty. I like it. Good one man!

Type08 said on Nov. 19 '09

Dalius, Roko and Matt, thank you guys!
David, thank you for the gallery spot!

crislabno said on Nov. 19 '09

this is great

milou said on Nov. 19 '09


Type08 said on Nov. 19 '09

Cris and Milou, thanks peeps!

Thrasher317 said on Nov. 19 '09

Man, I don't know why but I'm having a difficult time seeing something other than a flower. Is it supposed to be the side of a box? Tied up? I just can't see it :(

logomotive said on Nov. 19 '09


Type08 said on Nov. 19 '09

Yeah Trasher, me neither! :)
Mike, thanks for stopping by, wish you luck with 'the sharks'!

square69 said on Nov. 19 '09

Looks very nice !

Type08 said on Nov. 19 '09

Thanks Ian!

cseven said on Nov. 19 '09

Very nice Alen.

sbdesign said on Nov. 22 '09

mne nravicca...no chto-to ne tak

Type08 said on Nov. 23 '09

Thanks, Chris!
Sergey, sorry, didn't quite get your comment, tried to translate it with many tools but no luck buddy! Can you hit me with an English version of it please? Thanks! :)

Houston-we said on Nov. 23 '09

Alen, I believe Sergey likes it, but he thinks something is not right/missing.

Type08 said on Nov. 23 '09

Thank you Dalius, but what does that mean? Hahaa, just kidding, as I said to Fabian I was cleaning this solution to the most simple level, that was the idea. But, as I am working on something really extra at the moment that includes flower ornaments as well, I'll post that soon and hope that Sergey will say - yep, that's it! :) Thanks guys!

lundeja said on Nov. 26 '09

Oh snap! Are these the petals I stole? I promise I'm only borrowing.

Type08 said on Nov. 26 '09

Scout's honor? ;)

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