by brandclay • Uploaded: Nov. 18 '09
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Description: New logo design done for ideacouch.com. A site being developed for entrepreneurs to kick back and forth ideas to each other.

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Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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OcularInk said on Nov. 18 '09

Very cool, bud. I remember seeing this on your site at one point. The bulb/pillow is great!

Rokac said on Nov. 18 '09

Yep very cool.

brandclay said on Nov. 18 '09

yah i realize it wont reduce well, it works at about 25px x 25px...

client and I will most likely use the pillow if it goes any smaller than that

thanks kevin and rokac

rincon said on Nov. 18 '09

waoo. great style

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 18 '09


brandsimplicity said on Nov. 18 '09


lundeja said on Nov. 18 '09

I need an ideacouch. Yellow just won't fit the color scheme of my living room, though.

!mude said on Nov. 19 '09

Love it

mabu said on Nov. 19 '09

Me likey likey. Great work, Sean.

brandclay said on Nov. 19 '09

thank you everyone

square69 said on Nov. 19 '09

Very nice Sean !

oronoz ® said on Nov. 19 '09


JF said on Nov. 19 '09

Design is great, but...I keep thinking of Chris Hansen saying, 'take a seat.'

felro said on Nov. 19 '09

Good, i didn't know it was a pillow though, It looked like a piece of paper to me at first.

cerise said on Nov. 19 '09

Warm and inviting logo

cseven said on Nov. 19 '09

Love this one Sean.

designabot said on Nov. 19 '09

so cool mate.

ethereal said on Nov. 19 '09

This is a nice one, Sean, very cool!

brandclay said on Nov. 19 '09

thanks guys, i designed the site too, so when it's up, i'll post the link to it.

nexqunyx said on Nov. 19 '09

this is awesome!

sbdesign said on Nov. 22 '09

it's perfect!!!

marolo said on Nov. 23 '09

Great illustration! maybe the pillow should be larger incase of reduction and the yellow letters may not be visible in paper

mabu said on Dec. 06 '09

Looks comfy Sean :-)

daryllee said on Mar. 27 '16


jacobgraves said on May. 27 '16


albertrobert said on Jun. 30 '16


jeremyphilip said on Jul. 14 '16

very inspiring

ZacharyHarden said on Sep. 05 '16


teresarusso said on Nov. 03 '16

like your design

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