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brandmantra said on Nov. 14 '09

Lovely colors...great work.

Phane said on Nov. 14 '09

just one thing... it looks to similar with fresh media, your logo from the showcase. Maybe you can use here different colours to create a dreamy atmosphere

almosh82 said on Nov. 14 '09

Phane,it looks similar to fresh media because I have used the multiply effect technique in both of them.I tried it with different colors but found it most appealing in this color pallette i.e why stuck to it.Thanks for the feedback guys:)

square69 said on Nov. 14 '09

Looks beautiful !

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 14 '09

I agree with Phane, but not because you used the same design. When I think of a lullaby- I generally think of night, sleepiness, dreams..etc. This is more of a lively, excited color scheme. I would recommend using blues and grays, but that's just imo. It still looks fantastic.

almosh82 said on Nov. 14 '09

You are absolutely right Chad and I completely agree with your point of view.Since the logo was designed keeping a creative studio in mind i.e why the use of multiple colors.But I have uploaded a newer version in a slightly muted color pallete.Thanks a lot for your feedback.

Logocrave said on Nov. 16 '09

i think this is very nice

almosh82 said on Nov. 22 '09

thanks logocrave!

fERs said on Jan. 25 '10

really like it :). I asume you use Illustrator, what exactly do you mean by multiply effect technique, i guess its the multiply layer effect ?

ManuelGarciaPH said on Jun. 13 '12

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