by contactme • Uploaded: Oct. 25 '09

Description: online diary for naughty girls.

Status: Nothing set

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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Phane said on Oct. 25 '09

this is it! daaaamn. i love this logo!

studioabc said on Oct. 25 '09

haha :P love this one

dsauna said on Dec. 11 '09

Wow, very clever!

midgar said on Jul. 22 '10


ideoma said on Mar. 05 '12


Similar to this one that I saw in a blog (although yours is better). I'm not accusing you of anything I know that ideas can coincide. Great portfolio by the way

contactme said on Mar. 27 '12

Uploaded: Oct. 25 '09 Deal with it. ;)

karnister said on May. 29 '12

bezb%u0142%u0119dne :)

alexandreparageaud said on Jan. 22 '13

Very good :)

modular said on Jun. 27 '13

figlarny znak :)

THEArtistT said on Jun. 27 '13

maybe it is because I'm a woman, but this in the Gallery? you need more women on your decision panel.

tabithakristen said on Jun. 28 '13

lol agreed Trish!

contactme said on Jul. 02 '13

Trish, could you complete your statement by arguments?
The reason that it can't be found in the gallery?
I agree with you on the issue of women in decision panel, but
not with such a sense of aesthetics. Nobody wouldn't want that.

ClimaxDesigns said on Jul. 02 '13

Removed, thanks ideoma and beyond that contact me its a bit distasteful at best. Sorry ladies and Tab I have not forgotten about you, just been busy under the hood.

I know there have been some sexually related logos that have gotten in before, primarily mens underwear etc. but this is a bit to implicit if not explicit for the gallery.

magicshadow said on Jul. 03 '13

It's nice to know that logopond no respect for freedom of expression.
This post will also be deleted?

milou said on Jul. 03 '13

To be honest I don't understand the problem?

contactme said on Jul. 03 '13

ClimaxDesigns - pathetic.

tabithakristen said on Jul. 03 '13

To be honest, I don't understand how anyone could NOT understand the problem with this.

milou said on Jul. 04 '13

Tabitha, can you elaborate? Erotic market is also a part of the logo industry, and Logopond is about identity inspiration which this logo surely is for that market. Smart play on naughty girl within a heart, and all in all this is nicely executed.

contrast8 said on Jul. 04 '13

Found a friend for her:)

Hayes Image said on Jul. 04 '13

Well if it were a project to do with women's health, I don't think it would be (or at least as much of) an issue. There's been a few 'graphic' examples of male anatomy that have made the gallery, on the subject of men's health;


As for the erotic market, that's fine...there are examples of that here too;


But take the '50 shades of grey' novel for instance, all that's used on the cover of that is a tie. I guess what it comes down to is how/where is the design process did this become an absolute direction? Was it a client request (I've had some strange requests)?

In any case, this logo is supposed to appeal to women right? Judging by comments above, it does not do that.

THEArtistT said on Jul. 04 '13

Thank you David for taking it out of the Gallery. I'm usually pretty good at explaining my point of view, but all I really have to go on with this particular logo is my visceral reaction which is complete distaste. To me it screams rape me. No offense. Yes, it is well executed, but I think it is because the logo represents a woman at her most submissive. Not that I have anything against submissive women, but wouldn't a naughty girls site also have/appeal to dominate women, too? But, let's face it, the majority of the diary entries are going to be written by men anyway.

THEArtistT said on Jul. 04 '13

My reaction to the examples Josh listed go like this, in order:

6233 Clever, but overall I'm not a fan of it,
and I don't think it should be in the Gallery.
855 Um, no (not in the Gallery thankfully).
183110 This one is obviously about health and not sex.
Clever idea and well executed. I could see it in the Gallery.
25070 I like this one. It is straight forward and well designed.
Nothing objectifying about it. I could see it in the Gallery as well.

vergad said on Jul. 05 '13

Here's another one to throw in the ring.


Nitish said on Jul. 05 '13

Feels like the queen was made happy by the slaves demise...:)

ClimaxDesigns said on Jul. 05 '13

I would argue that the two that made the gallery
http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/134788 and
were done tastefully, tongue in cheek and noone was offended by it, everyone Including the 'target audience' laughed because we either know it was true, or have experienced it (morning wood).

All I did was remove it from the gallery, you guys are acting like i deleted it from the site ...

ClimaxDesigns said on Jul. 05 '13

'ClimaxDesigns - pathetic.'

The fact of the matter is this has offended several of the woman on this site 2 who have commented here, 3 others who have personally emailed me and thanked me for removing it from the gallery.

@ magic shasow you comment was crass it was deleted because of that, and crass comments will continue to be deleted from this site as its not a place for flame wars. talk about the logo, talk about how you hate that i removed the logo from the gallery, but don't make crass comments about other members or to other members.

I dont mind if you are upset about my rationale for removing it from the gallery, however the point of this site is to bring attention to peoples work, as there are 20 odd comments here, and most with valid arguments on both sides, cause accomplished.

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