Ms. Behave & Mr. Lucky

by lllipa • Uploaded: Oct. 25 '09
Gallerized Oct. '09 1f7aee5a4cbdfba8214c6930734a8c35.png

Description: Products for dogs

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tass said on Oct. 25 '09

Very very cute!

Type08 said on Oct. 25 '09


hitbyreindeer said on Oct. 25 '09


akshar said on Oct. 26 '09


rincon said on Oct. 26 '09


JF said on Oct. 27 '09

Holy good god, that's some spam.

And, as far as this logo goes, illo is great. Though, the text at the bottom is, well...a teensy bit awkward. Regarding the English that's written there, that is. It reads: "For sophisticated pet and discerning pet owner" and it needs to be, at the very least, pluralized. Pet should be 'pets' and owner should be 'owners'. And type is a little too small there in proportion to the rest of the mark, imo, but that's a moot point.

Congrats on getting into the gallery!

!mude said on Oct. 27 '09


itsgareth said on Oct. 27 '09

really nice work, well done

itsgareth said on Oct. 27 '09

but shouldn't the dogs be the other way round? with the female on the left?

JF said on Oct. 27 '09

Agree with Gareth. Seems like a better approach.

milou said on Oct. 27 '09

female should be on the right side.

barryconvex said on Oct. 27 '09

I had the same impression of flipping the sides apart from instantly really liking it but then, the female name is longer than the male one, so it makes sense to me. (The same is also quite frequent on movie posters, placing names where they fit best and not as a caption for the face below.)

logomotive said on Oct. 28 '09

Doggone cute.

cerise said on Oct. 28 '09

groovy cute

a20010494 said on Oct. 30 '09

I would like to see it on white background.

mitrossan said on Oct. 31 '09

great job, I just love it :D!

jennyb said on Nov. 03 '09

How cute! Sweet mark :)

kukayo said on Nov. 03 '09

excelente desarrollo!

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