Bird Love (dk)

by Lecart • Uploaded: Oct. 13 '09
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Description: I know Logomotive already has a classic on this concept, but couldn't help not to publish it.

As seen on: my portfolio

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: birdlovelovebird

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Logomotive said on Oct. 13 '09

Good work Lecart.

muse7 said on Oct. 13 '09

Loverly! I almost want to see a little more detail in the silouette to distinguish it as a bird. But wonderful none the less.

Lecart said on Oct. 14 '09

Thank you! Actually i designed the bird on a cloud, but my girlfriend saw the heart shapes, and after some minor tweaks i came up with this. :)

firebrand said on Oct. 14 '09

Love it, but the bird's head could be refined a little.

Phane said on Oct. 14 '09

Same comment as firebrand ... but I guess that we have a winner. Hope to see it on LP Gallery

McGuire Design said on Oct. 14 '09

Wow really nice, love the bird and the cloud of hearts. Nice job.

Lecart said on Oct. 14 '09

Thank you for the comments and floats. @ firebrand, i'll keep that in mind for later revisions.

OcularInk said on Oct. 14 '09

2 similar concepts, 2 completely different executions. You've got my float.

andreiu said on Oct. 15 '09

great work mate!

akinom11 said on Oct. 15 '09


Lecart said on Oct. 15 '09

Thanks, appreciated! :)

Brandsimplicity said on Oct. 17 '09

Yes, the bird head...other than that coolness:)

dotflo said on Oct. 17 '09

nice job

KonradK said on Oct. 19 '09

great work!

Lecart said on Oct. 19 '09

What's wrong with the bird head? it's a special bird, stop hatin'! Now seriously, i wasn't going for a detailed illustration of the bird, but somehow of a (bit) strange curves in harmony with the cloud shape. But then again you guys might be right, i'll try some tweaks, i'm just afraid it'll fly away. :D

Thanks for the floats & comments, much appreciated!

Stephen James said on Oct. 20 '09

very cool Lecart

tass said on Oct. 22 '09

I think you've got a very nice result!

Lecart said on Oct. 22 '09

Thanks tass, Stephen.

magicshadow said on Oct. 30 '09

clever, very nice ;)

Bubu said on Apr. 25 '10

My favorite in this showcase! :)

lumo said on May. 27 '10

I love bird love

emesghali said on May. 27 '10

love the idea. i would make the hearts stand out more, maybe two different colors and let them overlay. i would also define the bird a little better, maybe larger? great idea!

Mad Skimo said on May. 27 '10

Why do they hate the poor little bird? Is not a zoology book illustration. I think is nice mark. (Quite melancholic one.... but nice indeed)

funcdesigns said on May. 27 '10

Wow, and I have similar work like this but the concept was a comb and cotton (from a sticker on my monitor - "100% COMBED COTTON"). I'm working on it right now.

10cls said on May. 28 '10

Great concept and work

sbj said on May. 29 '10

nice idea ..

charmy said on May. 30 '10


freelandstudio said on Jun. 17 '10

un logo delicado y maravilloso

jaz007 said on Jul. 30 '10

Simple and Nice... perfect combination!!!

AnonyMouse said on Aug. 16 '10

very nice )

oski said on Sep. 09 '10

Simple, strong and effective.

salman146 said on Oct. 18 '10

I just say ... that is sooperb.... !

maja said on Dec. 19 '10

lovely logo :)

Lecart said on Dec. 20 '10

thank you all! :)

LadyGrey said on Jan. 01 '11

I see a bird in a cloud)

myob said on Jan. 01 '11

Thumbs up for girlfriends, eh (: ?

cresk said on Jan. 06 '11

Great timeless design, love its simplicity!

Lecart said on Jan. 11 '11

Thank you, I appreciate that!

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