ESCHER Ambigram

by theWEBster • Uploaded: Oct. 10 '09
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Description: A little idea i had today. An rotational ambigram in the style of M. C. ESCHER

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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tass said on Oct. 22 '09

ESCHER??? I'm a big fan of his works! Glad to see another one in here! :)
I like what you have done in here, it looks really really great. Congrats!

thewebster said on Dec. 10 '09

Thanks tass! Yes, escher is really amazing and very inspiring. I think every designer must love him!

thewebster said on Feb. 22 '10

Late answer, but: thankx houston.

Rokac said on May. 09 '10

This is awesome. It deserves much more kudos IMO.

thewebster said on May. 10 '10

Thank you Rokac, i'm glad that you like it :)

raja said on May. 10 '10

this is not a little idea - if only he could see this

thewebster said on May. 13 '10

Oh raja, that's really a nice statement. Thanks :)

raja said on Jul. 29 '10

did you like the paradox universes in Inception?...also heavily inspired by MC Escher - shame no credit was given to him in the movie

mfrank said on Jul. 29 '10

this makes me want to puke

janzabransky said on Jul. 30 '10

Very unique 3D approach to an ambigram. Impressive work. Love it.

thewebster said on Jul. 30 '10

Thanks guys for the nice words - they make me puke, lol.
@raja: i have no idea what you are talking about. paradox universes in inception? hmmm ....
@zu: if you know a really nice posterservice where i could provide this design then i could offer it. I'm from germany, so shippingcosts were a factor. Does anyone know the quality of CafePress-Prints. You have to submit designs in RGB. What the hack?!

raja said on Aug. 01 '10

thewebster..I was referring to a movie, thought you might have
seen it,


I'd buy a print...or sell the vector.

thewebster said on Aug. 02 '10

Hi raja, now i know what you mean, but i didn't know the movie until know. Looking forward to see it, just saw some nice pictures.

I opened a little shop at zazzle where you could buy a print of this ESCHER ambigram. I heard the quality is surprising good - i hope so :) Thanks for supporting!!!!!!!!


raja said on Aug. 02 '10

you will like this too


And yes, zazzle uses american apparel tees, which are nice fitting and last through quite a few wash cycles.

However, their service does not allow for total customization, for the price, you can not complain.

I'll grab a white T-shirt next week, thank you.

thewebster said on Aug. 04 '10

nice stuff! thanks for the hint.
it is nothing really escher like but did you know this little vans commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABT4ptO16Ls&feature=player_embedded">http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ABT4ptO16Ls&feature=player_embedded

by the way: it would be nice if you would get an escher-shirt :) your work was really inspiring me over the last years. so, if i could give you some inspiration back .... that would be GREAT!!!

thewebster said on Aug. 04 '10

tass said on Aug. 04 '10

Great links! Thanks for sharing! :)

raja said on Oct. 28 '10

Congratulations Bjorn!.. on winning;


Can you get the logo any bigger on the T-shirt?

Rokac said on Oct. 29 '10

^Congrats Bjorn!
I'll say it again, fantastic work buddy!

sticks said on Oct. 29 '10


bitencourt said on Nov. 01 '10

Great work here, Bjorn. :)

myway999 said on Nov. 01 '10

superb ambigram, mate:)

crislabno said on Nov. 01 '10

this is something

bigoodis said on Nov. 01 '10

Great work dude!

fosterbarker said on Nov. 01 '10

this is special

malicho said on Nov. 01 '10

cool. Cafe press prints RGB mainly because RGB files come out better on web presses most likely.

deiv said on Nov. 01 '10

this is totally a bomb out there!!!

skeermes said on Nov. 01 '10

This is an amazing ambigram! Seriously well done! :D

hyperborea said on Nov. 02 '10

NHF but sincerely this looks awful for me. visually. conceptually it works for the purpose I guess...it's hard to make an ambigram without making it look too forced to be an ambigram, and that's the point of making the good one IMO...

tass said on Nov. 02 '10

Congratulations! :)

malicho said on Nov. 02 '10

"O.o where you get that info from lol"

You should take a tour of a digital press ClimaxDesigns, the year is 2010. Most digital presses use powder rather than liquid ink, and considering the size of CafePress i can only assume they're running on the more efficient digital presses (as opposed to offset) that don't use liquid ink anymore. Anyways it's a complex process that binds the powder to the paper using static electricity (a much more sophisticated laser printer). The point is is that the digital presses don't require RGB as it was in the yesteryears simply because the halftone process isn't the same anymore, and therefore not as imperative. From everything I've printed on digital presses RGB does look quite a bit richer, not sure why.

Also, look to see the standard of print resolution move up in the next couple years to 450-600.

Unless you see a better reason for why CafePress would require RGB?

Suad said on Nov. 03 '10

Superb, well done.

Firebubble Design said on Nov. 06 '10

Impressive works. I have not seen anything quite like this before. Thanks for sharing something so original.

atomicvibe said on Nov. 09 '10

Your ambigram work is quite impressive, and this is no exception. Really nice way of paying homage to Mr. Escher.

SuzieQoo said on Nov. 09 '10

its neat looking, but hard to read

qetzol said on Nov. 22 '10

sale sobrando comentar mas, amigo estupendo trabajo

thewebster said on Dec. 22 '10

Wow, a big thanks for all the responses. And thanks for buying my shirts and prints :) I really really appreciate this feedback!

@raja: it is as big as possible!
@hyperborea: you don't have to like it ;) This is a concept based on the illusions of escher. and if you don't like it ... I FKKIN LOVE IT lol. But thanks for your feedback!

Best regards from germany!

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