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by !mude • Uploaded: Oct. 08 '09
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Description: A play on integrating characters into the mark.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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tass said on Oct. 08 '09

I think you've got a nice result.

rincon said on Oct. 08 '09

this is a good one, love it

scala_humana said on Oct. 08 '09

yeah very nice solution dennis :)

alterego said on Oct. 08 '09

cleverly treated 'G' !! well done

logoboom said on Oct. 08 '09

Clean and simple.

!mude said on Oct. 08 '09

Thanks for the positive feedback and all the floats - means a lot.

bsehenuk said on Oct. 08 '09

Great concept.

chirp said on Oct. 08 '09

The mark is subtle. Clever job!

rincon said on Oct. 08 '09


Siah-Design said on Oct. 08 '09

Works very well. Nice work!

logomotive said on Oct. 08 '09

Good One.

!mude said on Oct. 08 '09

Thanks everyone. I'm really glad that you like this.

lboi said on Oct. 11 '09

nice! floated!

!mude said on Oct. 11 '09

Thanks Justin and Sneh.

koodoz said on Oct. 11 '09

I see a G, an L and even a loose form of an O. Bravo!

JohnM said on Oct. 11 '09

very very cool!

!mude said on Oct. 11 '09

Thanks both of you.

koodoz - glad you see them all in there :)

cseven said on Oct. 11 '09

^ Ditto to the positive comments. Nice one.

Brandsimplicity said on Oct. 11 '09

"A hole in one", well done mate.

Thrasher317 said on Oct. 12 '09

Excellent mark all around. In the most basic of elements, you have the letter "G" and golf pin, but layered upon that is the sense of the green, a target and even the path of the golf ball as it is going in the hole, further implying the sense of training and expertise needed to make the shot. Most logos seen here don't have all the layering, leading to something stiff like making the letter "G" a golf ball and calling it a day, but you've taken it much further. Well played.

esotericsean said on Oct. 12 '09

You should make the line look more like a shadow. You can even make the shadow of the flag at the end and make the G look more naturally like a G, I think :)

Auxhilarate said on Oct. 12 '09

Nice touch!

!mude said on Oct. 12 '09

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate all the feedback.

esotericsean > I did experiment with the shadow but I prefered keeping it simple as it is.

sbdesign said on Oct. 14 '09

nice work!

M12Secrets said on Oct. 16 '09

I really like the concept and colors of this. Good job mate, keep it up!

!mude said on Oct. 19 '09

Thanks sbdesign, derek and m12secrects.

RGD said on Oct. 19 '09

Clever, great concept.

!mude said on Oct. 20 '09

Thanks RGD

magicshadow said on Nov. 03 '09

clever , great job :)

!mude said on Nov. 06 '09

Thanks a lot :)

Type08 said on Jan. 13 '10

Background for the L letter might be found in a fact that flag tossed a shadow! Very nice concept, this should get in use!

!mude said on Feb. 01 '10

Thanks for the comment Alen - who knows - maybe one day it will be.

cerise said on Feb. 02 '10

Clever work here

!mude said on Feb. 02 '10

Thanks cerise.

mcdseven said on Feb. 02 '10

very creative. well done!

!mude said on Feb. 04 '10

Thanks guys - appreciate the nice words.

JoePrince said on Feb. 04 '10

Could of sworn I floated this a long time ago. Sweet work buddy!

!mude said on Feb. 04 '10

Thanks dude.

dotflo said on Sep. 30 '10

^Same as joe, great work here

!mude said on Oct. 05 '10

Thanks Floris and Matheus.

brandsanity said on Apr. 01 '11

This is genius!

!mude said on Apr. 02 '11

Thank you Mr. Watson

Art Pack said on Jul. 27 '11

This is great, like it very much!
Simple, but yet so profound...

!mude said on Aug. 01 '11

Thx Art Pack

Antonio Cappucci said on Aug. 01 '11

Very Very nice! well done.

!mude said on Aug. 01 '11

Thanks Antonio - appriciated.

Type and Signs said on Jun. 26 '12

brilliant work !

!mude said on Jul. 01 '12

Thanks TAS

vadimpaschenko said on Jun. 13 '16

nice job!

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