rain bows

by milou • Uploaded: Sep. 30 '09
Gallerized Apr. '10 a3102f21656bebe837e6681dbf0b88b2.png

Description: Agency, promotion n stuff. I think the colorful cloud is understand here.

As seen on: new milou

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: colorfulcolourcoloragencyrain bow

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kaimere said on Sep. 30 '09

ooooh me likey

Premonsa said on Sep. 30 '09


yelds said on Sep. 30 '09

Nice, looks like a ghost of colours!

tass said on Oct. 01 '09

Interesting color motion.

michaelspitz said on Oct. 01 '09

Great color! A very intriguing mark! :)

milou said on Oct. 03 '09

thanks everyone!

nexqunyx said on Nov. 27 '09

~very cool!~

milou said on Nov. 30 '09

thanks Patrik!

icono_design said on Jan. 25 '10

amazing colors!

milou said on Jan. 25 '10


milou said on Apr. 19 '10

I'm proud to announce that article of Logolounge 2010 trends is up with my modest logo http://www.logolounge.com/designers/?tf=/default.asp?

raja said on Apr. 19 '10

hey congrtaz milou!

Lecart said on Apr. 19 '10

proud of you mate

ethereal said on Apr. 19 '10

Just checked it out, congrats!

milou said on Apr. 19 '10

Hey, Raja, Lecart, Sean - Kind thanks mates! :)

wizemark said on Apr. 19 '10

Congrats, mate! It`s finally up! :)

milou said on Apr. 19 '10

Just found it on the Facebook's wall. Hey congrats to you too buddy! :)

kaimere said on Apr. 19 '10

Congrats :) well deserved on both ... kudos

Type08 said on Apr. 19 '10

Proud of you, Padawan! You are setting up trends now, heh? ;) Gratz buddy!

milou said on Apr. 19 '10

Many thanks Mike! :)

Master Alen I know it leads to the dark side of the force, but I couldn't resist more, forgive me... haha. Thanks brother! ;) & may the force be with you.

firebrand said on Apr. 20 '10

Congrats Milou.

rudy hurtado said on Apr. 20 '10

Great news Milou, I hope this translates into interesting projects and $$...$oon!

milou said on Apr. 20 '10

@Roy - thanks!

@Rudy - hope so, thank you kindly!

Petro said on Apr. 20 '10

So colourfull! Nice.

Mad Skimo said on Apr. 20 '10

beautiful style! congrats!

ru_ferret said on Apr. 20 '10

ru_ferret congrats you, Milou. :D

milou said on Apr. 20 '10

Milou says Hi to ru_ferret, and thank you Nikita! :)

Peter & Hector many thanks guys, I appreciate that!

Mikeymike said on Apr. 20 '10

very cool and fun, Milou. And congrats you tread setter you.

swiss_cheese said on Apr. 20 '10

very nice milou!

milou said on Apr. 20 '10

Thanks fellas! I'm very glad that you like it!

milash said on Apr. 20 '10

good one milou. one of my favorite trendmakers.

milash said on Apr. 20 '10

How many of your logos are gonna get published in the book? if you don't mind telling?

milou said on Apr. 20 '10

Hey Milash, thanks!
Umm just two will be published, how about you?

milash said on Apr. 20 '10

i have 11. it's my first time, so i think they went generous with me.

milou said on Apr. 20 '10

Whoah, that's a good score Milash! My mistake was that I haven't submitted many of my works and then the deadline have come. But it's my first time too, and it makes me smile (;

milash said on Apr. 20 '10

it's unfortunate that they don't notify you on deadlines. keep up good work man. i love your style.

milou said on Apr. 20 '10

Means a lot for me. I was admiring your works for a long time.

almosh82 said on Apr. 21 '10

Congrats Milou.Great stuff.

milou said on Apr. 21 '10

Hey there almosh, many thanks buddy!

sbj said on Apr. 21 '10

congrats frnd.... cool works

damaraputra said on Apr. 21 '10

great colours. well done milou

milou said on Apr. 21 '10

Saurabh & damaraputra - thanks mates!

Bitencourt said on Apr. 21 '10

Really great, Milou! Congrat for the logoloung spot! :)

joeprince said on Apr. 21 '10

Congrats Milosz, big accomplishment. Keep it up man!

milou said on Apr. 22 '10

Breno & Joe - thanks my friends! :)

HenriqueSalomao - thanks for the kind words, appreciated.

agingersnaps said on Apr. 22 '10

Such an interesting mark! Good Stuff!

milou said on Apr. 22 '10

Cheers Jared!

Logo Design Monster said on Apr. 22 '10

I think this looks really original and the colours are fantastic. Nice work.

milou said on Apr. 22 '10

Much appreciated! thanks!

vinocabral said on Apr. 26 '10

very cool!

kalle@kallehansson.se said on Apr. 27 '10

Looks like Swedish Melodifestivalen, blended, upsidedown and filtered.


milou said on Apr. 27 '10

@kalle Sorry, but I don't see ANY connection. But thanks for setting a new account to say that (:

@vinocabral Thanks a bunch!

tickey said on Apr. 27 '10

Congrats for the logolounge spot :)

milou said on Apr. 28 '10

Thanks tickey!

mjaysmonk said on Apr. 30 '10


milou said on May. 01 '10

Thanks Mjaysmonk.

hanuman shakti said on May. 11 '10

I saw this at logolounge....congrats....sorry a bit too late.
I don't know....this could be work on black and white or not?....but overall such a great logo. Smart! specially the typo.

milou said on May. 12 '10

Yes sir. Thanks for stopping by (:

agingersnaps said on Jun. 19 '10

This is great Milou, I remember seeing this when the '10 trend report came out but I didn't know you produced it! Sorry for the late congrats, but CONGRATS!!

milou said on Jun. 21 '10

Thank you very much Jared, good to hear that!

kaushikpanchal said on Jan. 19 '11

superb, nice use of colors

topicha said on Jan. 19 '11

about clouds, it's not quit understandable buy now and try to put type above, maybe I't will be interesting. nice colors and styl!:)

milou said on Jan. 19 '11

@topicha I won't change a thing because it's a finished work, but I appreciate your comment, thank you :-)

@kaushikpanchal Glad you liked it!

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