by serhos • Uploaded: Sep. 29 '09
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Description: That`s the final.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: hand-writingtypographycallygraphy

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Rincon said on Sep. 29 '09

I like the type treatment

MomentumMagazine said on Sep. 29 '09

Looks very nice.

milou said on Sep. 29 '09

good type one.

birofunk said on Sep. 29 '09

brilliant type Sergey, big fan of your work

serhos said on Sep. 29 '09

Thank you all guys!

penflare said on Sep. 29 '09

very good type

Chad Sanderson said on Sep. 29 '09

All your type work is fantastic.

serhos said on Sep. 30 '09

Chad, Sean thank you for you appreciations)
Chad, like your lettering too!

ourstu said on Apr. 11 '10

That's Beautiful.

dotflo said on Jun. 18 '10

nice type

stanjuan said on Feb. 09 '11

Love your custom typography.

hamidos said on Feb. 10 '11

nice type.. i like the idea..

epicantus said on Feb. 10 '11

Beautiful type!

serhos said on Feb. 10 '11

Thank you lady and gens:)

winger said on Feb. 11 '11


myway999 said on Feb. 11 '11

creamy, rounded, sweet: great type tratment, mate!

LadyGrey said on Feb. 12 '11

fine calligraphy, Serhos

LogoForge said on Feb. 15 '11

Very nice, but am I the only one who feels the 'g' and 'y' should be more similar?

eflair said on Feb. 16 '11

Gorgeous type. Nice.

outlander said on Feb. 16 '11

Love the flow

zephyr said on Feb. 17 '11

Great design! This would also really pop in B/W...

serhos said on Feb. 18 '11

Why should they Eric?
Winger, Claude, Alena, Esther, Sreejith, Fred thank lady and gens!

LogoForge said on Feb. 22 '11

"Why should they Eric?" I lack the vocabulary to explain properly, but in any typeface the letters are all constructed similarly, according to the same guidelines. When you deviate from those guidelines, you create disharmony. The descenders of your g and y don't follow the same guidelines and so look, in effect, as if they're from different typefaces.

serhos said on Feb. 23 '11

Eric do you know the difference between typeface and custom lettering?

TheCorpOfc said on Dec. 27 '13

I would like to purchase this font and use it for my logo. How do you purchase these fonts??

serhos said on May. 06 '14

@TheCorpOfc That's not a font.

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