Art Hive

by DesignerAG • Uploaded: Sep. 03 '09
Gallerized Sep. '09 5c348b982de07b25fd8d3f2896156d45.png

Description: Art Hive. Pencil point. Need your opinions.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: drawpaintcolorfulcolorhive

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!mude said on Sep. 03 '09

Looks really cool. I think you need to work a bit on the lighting though - there seems to be light coming from 2 directions - a bit confusing to me?

matto said on Sep. 03 '09

!mude, thanks for remark and your opinion. Is it better now?

logoholik said on Sep. 03 '09

Me like.

epsilon said on Sep. 03 '09

Very nice.

As far as opinions go - perhaps let the stripes on the back of the pencil surface show through ? Make it a wireframe.

logomotive said on Sep. 03 '09

I can see this making an incredible ice cream cone also. Very eye catching.

maflewdesigns said on Sep. 03 '09

nice logo

!mude said on Sep. 03 '09

Yes, much better - nice work.

s.g. said on Sep. 03 '09

Really cool.

tass said on Sep. 03 '09

Really nice concept!

S.Aslan said on Sep. 03 '09


michaelspitz said on Sep. 03 '09

Very nice! Dig the concept...dig the mark! (Have you tried it on a lighter ground? Does it work? If you lightened it up a bit maybe you could darken the graphite just a little... Actually it's probably not that color that's throwing me, but rather the type set in that darker shade of grey... Maybe you could lighten the text up instead and see how that plays?)

dotflo said on Sep. 04 '09

nice concept..nice colors..cheers

doodlecow said on Sep. 04 '09

nice concept!! great work

Porter Design said on Sep. 04 '09

I think this is great!

Rokac said on Sep. 05 '09


ethereal said on Sep. 06 '09

Cool, dude.

Petro said on Sep. 07 '09

Absolutely agree with michaelspitz! Logo mast be more contrasty to the background, especially the graphite and the text.

cake_sama said on Sep. 07 '09

cool, eye catching as Mike said

sanjay patil said on Sep. 08 '09

I think it is interesting... rest of things my friends already suggested.

mekeman said on Sep. 08 '09

Nice work, very well solved, My respects.

alexanderspliid said on Sep. 10 '09

grazt, you've got yourself a very nice logo there ^^

zakaria said on Sep. 23 '09

nice puk

harvey said on Sep. 24 '09

yummy i like it!! :)

andressexino said on Nov. 06 '09

me parece que el logo es bastante apropiado para cierta entidad que se dedique al arte
no es ningun cono ni nada por el estilo yo por mi parte veo un lapiz de colores

salu2 desde colombia

mfrank said on Jan. 06 '10


mfrank said on Jan. 06 '10

It's probably the worst copy of an awesome logo I've seen so far....haha.

maalysalem said on May. 10 '10

Dear Matto, Good day, i want to buy the eps original design, is it possible??? please contact me on my email maaly.salem@yahoo.com

Noetic Brands said on Aug. 27 '10

Beauty!.. I made something similar but not exactly the same.

matto said on Oct. 11 '10

Thanks again to everyone!

@mfrank, I agree with you. That copy was really terrible.

@maalynsalem, I regret to say that it is already in use.

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