by cspainey • Uploaded: Aug. 24 '09
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Description: Friendly and tasty, a wedge of citrus that reads 'Fresh'! (Recently sold)

As seen on: Chris-Spain.co.uk

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: citrusorangefruitfreshlime

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logoboom said on Aug. 24 '09

Nice. The colors could be just a tad brighter maybe.

michaelspitz said on Aug. 24 '09

Again, nice lettering! Love the peel! :)
FYI: Check the spelling on your 'seen on' link...

!mude said on Aug. 25 '09

Sweet ... or fresh - I like it :)

mabu said on Aug. 25 '09


vld said on Aug. 25 '09

I like it and I agree with **logoboom** about the colors....

smartinup said on Aug. 25 '09

like the style alot

cspainey said on Aug. 25 '09

Thanks all! Looking at it on a different screen now the colours do look like they could maybe be a bit brighter. Fortunately it'd be a simple fix to tweak them :)

(And thanks for the heads up on the spelling, **michaelspitz** - got that sorted now!)

JF said on Aug. 25 '09

I also agree with logoboom and vld. Color may work a little better if the slices are brighter...not sure I remember a time where they were darker than the rind. Beautiful graphics work/execution, though. I like it.

logoboom said on Aug. 25 '09

a grapefruit has darker meat

firebrand said on Aug. 25 '09


kazakoff said on Aug. 25 '09

Realy FRESH! Nice work, man :)

bredlipe said on Aug. 25 '09

nice work!!!

sandhya said on Aug. 25 '09

Awesomely refreshing! Nice one :)

cseven said on Aug. 25 '09


andreiu said on Aug. 26 '09

cool idea!

Baney Design said on Feb. 20 '10

Very cool. Makes me want to take a bite! :)

wizmaya said on Feb. 27 '11

Yeah this is absolutely fresh!

kappy1986 said on Feb. 27 '11


mcdseven said on Feb. 27 '11

great work here.

logomotive said on Feb. 27 '11

makes my mouth water.

ultragoofy said on Feb. 27 '11


Mikeymike said on Feb. 27 '11

yummy. :)

patriciape said on Feb. 27 '11

i'd like to eat it :)

dotflo said on Feb. 28 '11

great job, congratz

vasvari said on Feb. 28 '11

It's very delicious! I like it ;)

icu said on Mar. 01 '11

so fresh!

mrmohiuddin said on Mar. 02 '11

wow. its really feels fresh.
well, check out this logo. wats ur feedback?

cspainey said on Mar. 02 '11

Thanks for the comments everyone (and for the gallery add) - really appreciate it!
(Also just realized I never updated the preview here after fixing the colours some time ago, but have fixed that now!)

GASTONODIN said on Sep. 12 '14

Excellent job dude!! Can i take it for an idea?? :)

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