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by KonradK • Uploaded: Aug. 24 '09
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j-CAZ said on Aug. 24 '09

Great concept. The space where the hearts meet is bothering me a bit. It looks like they only meet on the top and bottom as opposed to passing through eachother making an X. Good job though.

bredlipe said on Aug. 24 '09

I agree!

KonradK said on Aug. 24 '09

Thanks for suggestion j-CAZ :)

penflare said on Aug. 24 '09

such a great idea, good font choice

KonradK said on Aug. 24 '09

^ thank you so much

logoboom said on Aug. 24 '09

Very nice. "Endless Love" would be a nice term too.

JF said on Aug. 24 '09

Infinity symbol comprised of two hearts...this is fabulous. Spot-on concept, beautiful execution. Graphics quality is superb. Good balance...I mean, what more could be said? Love it forever. ;) I certainly wouldn't be shocked to see this in the gallery pretty soon.

KonradK said on Aug. 24 '09

logoboom, you are right :)
nima.jazireh, JF, thanks, I appreciate it a lot!

square69 said on Aug. 24 '09

Perfect !!

j-CAZ said on Aug. 24 '09

Great job. Only a matter of time before this appears on the gallery.

alterego said on Aug. 24 '09

realy nice concept

KonradK said on Aug. 24 '09

thanks square69, j-CAZ, alterego

mabu said on Aug. 25 '09

Right on!

KonradK said on Aug. 25 '09

thanks mabu.

brandology said on Aug. 25 '09

Where is this for sale, brandstack? is it a revision of this http://brandstack.com/logos/details/6762

KonradK said on Aug. 25 '09

Not for sale yet but I will upload logo on brandstack soon.

michaelspitz said on Aug. 25 '09

Very nice! :)

tiko1232 said on Aug. 25 '09

Very nice konrad :)

KonradK said on Aug. 26 '09

thanks michaelspitz, tiko1232 :)

Art Machine said on Aug. 26 '09

Amazing concept

luuurq said on Aug. 26 '09

excelente concepto :)

KonradK said on Aug. 26 '09

Thanks everyone. Your opinions mean a lot to me!

rabbit_hoang said on Aug. 28 '09

elegant concept. i like it

KonradK said on Aug. 29 '09

thank you very much rabbit_hoang :)

matto said on Aug. 29 '09

So simple and clever, I like this one.

j-CAZ said on Aug. 29 '09

Congrats buddy. I knew it was only a matter of time before this was put in the gallery.

square69 said on Aug. 29 '09

So good to see this in the gallery...congrats Konrad !!!

Brandsimplicity said on Aug. 29 '09

Congrats on the gallery,beautiful design:)

ethereal said on Aug. 29 '09

Simple, clever, really cool. Feel like a dumb ass that I never thought of it.

JF said on Aug. 29 '09

And...congrats on getting into the gallery! :)

effingvic said on Aug. 29 '09

Good stuff man!

I did something just like this actually..but it was a butterfly instead. Guess it wasn't as clever as I thought lol

KonradK said on Aug. 30 '09

Thank you everyone for the kind words.

lboi said on Aug. 30 '09

cool stuff! simple and nice :-)

Wizemark said on Aug. 30 '09

This is actually very close to my Looplove http://brandstack.com/logos/details/6817
You even gave it a name from my description.. !?

pixualmedia said on Aug. 30 '09

just logged in to say that this is an instant classic!...

lundeja said on Aug. 30 '09

@Wizemark Doesn't matter, neither are new concepts anyway. I've seen jewelry in this exact shape, "this":http://www.meditationsociety.com/images/tslogo.jpg and "this":http://www.nudatees.com/shop/39/infinite_love_simple use the same name and concept - Konrad's is better done than the first link, but just saying the concept/name isn't new.

dbunk said on Aug. 30 '09

Infinite love for this one!

KonradK said on Aug. 31 '09

@Wizemark - I was inspired by a jewellery ... not your logo.

satish@logopond said on Aug. 31 '09

hi dude infinite creative stuff u have man ..............!

KonradK said on Aug. 31 '09

Thank you so much guys!

Petro said on Aug. 31 '09

Excellent! I love it!

Wizemark said on Aug. 31 '09

Thanks for your input. Honestly i wasn`t aware of those two logos (n i can only guess that there`s probably even more similar), but that`s just the reason more why this can not be `great`, excellent`, etc (included mine).
If u say so.

JF said on Aug. 31 '09

Wizemark...I know what it feels like when you see a concept so similar to your own. So I feel ya. What I would say, though, is where this logo differs significantly from yours is in the execution. Yours is a 3-d, ribbon-like style (execution); this one boils down to basics. It's the infinity symbol, so by nature, most anyone would associate the word 'infinite (infinity)' with 'love.' It's another case of great minds think alike, in my opinion. Just my two cents.

Rokac said on Sep. 02 '09

I love it:)

jonvic said on Sep. 02 '09

Brilliant! :D

KonradK said on Sep. 04 '09

Petro, Rokac , jonvic, thank you so much.

daanial said on Sep. 05 '09

I want to know which font you used here! good decision!

akinom11 said on Sep. 05 '09

vey clever!

cleos said on Sep. 05 '09

bravo :)

dbunk said on Sep. 05 '09

Perfecto !

KonradK said on Sep. 05 '09

Thanks! :)

@daania - "fontin sans"

andreiu said on Sep. 05 '09

infinite cleverness! :)

emesghali said on Sep. 11 '09

this logo is so cool i dont think anything else would work. did you try using the infinity symbol in between the two words? that might look really cool. great work!

charcoal said on Sep. 23 '09

Superb!! :)

KonradK said on Oct. 07 '09

Thanks all :)

magicshadow said on Oct. 08 '09

%u015Bwietne ;)

KonradK said on Oct. 09 '09

tnx :)

Zibbidy said on Oct. 19 '09

Like it! : )

billf said on Apr. 16 '10

This blows my mind - I created the EXACT same logo for my friends poetry book. It's so simple it was bound to happen I guess. Nice work - our heads are in the same place.

awaqenin said on Jul. 25 '10


KonradK said on Aug. 11 '10

thanks! I appreciate it.

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