Blue Buck

by Type08 • Uploaded: Aug. 18 '09
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Description: Logo for an underwear brand from London, UK. They will first hit the market with the fresh line of designed underwear for men.

As seen on: www.bluebuck.net

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: boxerstruncksonlineshopunderwear

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milou said on Aug. 18 '09

I like it.

Type08 said on Aug. 18 '09

Thierry and Milou, thanks a lot! :)

logoholik said on Aug. 18 '09

That's fantastic Alen! I am about to start working on similar project that involves fashion brand and an animal (but different one :) made me smile seeing this since my initial thoughts were not so different :)

tass said on Aug. 18 '09

Great mark, i like it a lot!

Brandsimplicity said on Aug. 18 '09

Very strong bro:)

Type08 said on Aug. 18 '09

Fabian, Alex and Bojan, I appreciate it fellaz!
Bojan, cool situation! Wish you good luck buddy, hardly wait to see what will inspire you the most! Keep us in the loop! :)

bouchardoli said on Aug. 18 '09

Nice one Alen. Great balance and fluid shapes.

coy said on Aug. 18 '09

very nice mark. simple and clean

Type08 said on Aug. 18 '09

Oli and Coy, thanks peeps!

alterego said on Aug. 18 '09


hitbyreindeer said on Aug. 18 '09

Yup, real nice!

Type08 said on Aug. 19 '09

Shylesh and Rodolfo, thanks a lot! :)

satish@logopond said on Aug. 20 '09

it's looks great and good illustration...............!

JF said on Aug. 20 '09


S.Aslan said on Aug. 20 '09

good work!!

JohnM said on Aug. 20 '09

Bloody hell!! so tonfue's brand has competition now ;)

OcularInk said on Aug. 20 '09

This has a great presence about it, Alen. Nice job bud!

Type08 said on Aug. 20 '09

Satish, JF, Aslan, John, Nima, Kevin and of course David, thanks a lot guys, I appreciate it a lot!

cseven said on Aug. 20 '09

Very cool Alen. I'd buy the undies just for the logo ; )

Type08 said on Aug. 20 '09

Oguzhan, thanks a lot!
LOL Chris, I'll make sure client sends a sample your way! ;)

cseven said on Aug. 20 '09

Medium size thanks ; )

mabu said on Aug. 21 '09

Super cool Alen! I love the how light it is.

Type08 said on Aug. 21 '09

Thanks a lot, Mads!

jerron said on Aug. 21 '09

So was this one chosen by the client?

Type08 said on Aug. 21 '09

What do you mean, Jerron?

tiko1232 said on Aug. 22 '09

Nice one Alen, really stands out :)

lboi said on Aug. 24 '09

good stuff Alen :-)

Jeroen said on Aug. 30 '09

You are looking for qritiques, but you don't get any!

I like the logo, but don't understand the link between the shape of the mark and underwear. It looks rather painful having one of those in your undies.
Also, how will this logo be used on underwear?

Type08 said on Sep. 01 '09

I don't quite understand your comment? You mean like, people shouldn't buy 'Lacoste' T-shirts because crocodile might bite them?

Type08 said on Sep. 01 '09

Oh yeah, almost forgot, Tiko and Sneh, thanks a lot! :)

Logocrave said on Oct. 23 '09

your awesome!- that is all...

Type08 said on Oct. 23 '09

Thanks for all the support Chico, much appreciated!

Tømme said on Dec. 11 '09


Type08 said on Dec. 11 '09

Tomme thank you, means a lot! Thanks!

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