by jerron • Uploaded: Aug. 13 '09
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Description: Photography studio mainly for children.

As seen on: www.mishutterbug.com

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: amesjerronladybugcamera

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logomotive said on Aug. 13 '09

Really cool Jarron ;) love how you accentuated the g and choice of type. Clever.

tass said on Aug. 13 '09

Beautiful concept!

jerron said on Aug. 13 '09

Thanks guys, I appreciate it.

sandhya said on Aug. 13 '09

super subtle, yet quite effective! like logomotive mentioned - love the play between the font and image!

sdijock said on Aug. 13 '09

Wow Jerron - REALLY nice. Love how you made the ear of the "g" out of the lady bugs' antenna - very clever.

Type08 said on Aug. 13 '09

Yep, good one, J!

cseven said on Aug. 13 '09

This is great Jerron - the mark and the type all work so well.

andreiu said on Aug. 13 '09

great solution Jerron!

brandsimplicity said on Aug. 13 '09

Wow, this is very nice.

logoboom said on Aug. 13 '09

Incredibly good.

alterego said on Aug. 13 '09

clever one :)

Siah-Design said on Aug. 13 '09

love love love it

firebrand said on Aug. 14 '09

Very nice work as usual, jerron.

dotflo said on Aug. 14 '09

great one!

muse7 said on Aug. 14 '09

Love it!

D.Roark said on Aug. 15 '09

Very clever, bro! You hit the nail right on the head.

mavric said on Aug. 16 '09

clapping, well done mate


logoholik said on Aug. 16 '09

yep. nice one jerron!

raja said on Aug. 16 '09

awesome Jerron!

jerron said on Aug. 16 '09

Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like it!

lboi said on Aug. 17 '09

very unique and nicely done!

Petro said on Aug. 17 '09

Great idea! Excellent performance!

tconrad said on Aug. 17 '09

Fantastic. . . great touch with the 'g'

libran005 said on Aug. 18 '09

brilliant concept...and the best thing is the font has the continuity even without the icon...loved it

rubberspark said on Aug. 19 '09

Great logo! Did the concept come to you right away, or did it take a while before it developed?

OcularInk said on Aug. 19 '09

Love the concept and execution. Great job, Jerron.

JohnM said on Aug. 19 '09

what a concept! brilliant!

Logomotive said on Aug. 20 '09

I assume they chose this one? I liked your other also though.

jerron said on Aug. 20 '09

Yes they did go with this one. The solution to this icon was obvious, so I'm somewhat partial to my second comp (http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/60723) just because it took a little more creativity to come up with. It was just a fun project all around.

!mude said on Aug. 21 '09

Great work. I really like this one.

skoljkica said on Sep. 09 '09

simply love it!

azacarias7 said on Sep. 11 '09

Love the ear of the "g" looking like the antenna!

harvey said on Sep. 24 '09

really awesome!

birofunk said on Sep. 24 '09

how'd i miss this one? perfect execution

RGD said on Nov. 10 '09

Great work!

yudaant said on Jan. 04 '10


firebrand said on Sep. 14 '10

Jerron, this guy has stolen your work: http://logorium.com/node/774

jerron said on Sep. 14 '10

Thanks Roy.

OcularInk said on Sep. 14 '10

It looks like that guy has many stolen logos in his portfolio. It's nice to have so many people looking out for one another...such a good feeling.

Noetic Brands said on Jan. 24 '11

Like it alot!

jerron said on Feb. 23 '11

Thanks riz

firebrand said on Mar. 11 '11

Let's give this bad boy a nudge into the 100 club.

milou said on Mar. 11 '11

^ Why such a link is not existing yet?

firebrand said on Mar. 11 '11

Dunno, ask the boss.

ColinTierney said on Mar. 11 '11

one more

Mikeymike said on Mar. 11 '11

There, Jerron. Damn I'm proud to have a part in taking this to the 100!

jerron said on Mar. 11 '11

Wow, thanks all! Now I'm official.

lumo said on Mar. 22 '11

I'll do 102...

designtofeel said on Aug. 18 '11

I was in Barnes & Noble today flipping through a logo design book and found this one in there (along with tons of other stuff I've seen here). Great work! By the way, I didn't realize you are a fellow Utahn. Are you in SLC?

chanpion said on Nov. 07 '11

Float and faved. This one is timeless.

caion said on Jul. 11 '13

Very nice!

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