by lundeja • Uploaded: Aug. 02 '09

Description: Was feelin' a bit off today, decided to have some quick fun. I'm sure there are plenty of improvements to be made so by all means, consider it open source if you can do better. Might be fun, who knows?

As seen on: Logo Design Wisconsin

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: catcopycopy catcopycat

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logomotive said on Aug. 02 '09

LOl, tempting...

alterego said on Aug. 02 '09

realy nice ..

pfab said on Aug. 03 '09

really cool

tass said on Aug. 03 '09

That's nice, but can be very easy read as 'gay' instead of copy. Take care of the message transmitted. :)

idastudios said on Nov. 15 '09

dont let these two get too close.


lundeja said on Nov. 15 '09

;) I guess the name makes sense then doesn't it?

idastudios said on Nov. 15 '09

ha. im glad you have a sense of humor.

Chad Sanderson said on Nov. 15 '09

Mike (the creator of Perro) was the first one to comment on this. I think if it was an issue he would have said something. :)

lundeja said on Nov. 15 '09

Little did you know his lawyer just called (on a sunday?!) and he's filing suit

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