by birdcreativeworks • Uploaded: Aug. 02 '09
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Description: logo for baby wear company

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: cutebaby wear

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woelve said on Aug. 02 '09

aww ^_^

chrisrojo said on Aug. 02 '09

I like it, looks great!.

nido said on Aug. 02 '09

very cute!... nice work bird...

andreiu said on Aug. 02 '09

woooaa! awesomeness!

tass said on Aug. 02 '09

Very cute, indeed.

gyui said on Aug. 02 '09

man this is cute!

alterego said on Aug. 02 '09


sean23uk said on Aug. 03 '09

this has inspired me to go all Japanese! =^..^=

tiko1232 said on Aug. 03 '09

Very Cute :)

OcularInk said on Aug. 03 '09

Great style and colors.

relate said on Aug. 03 '09

Really cute. I'd make the text below the name bigger, though; hard to read at this size. Nice work.

logoboom said on Aug. 03 '09

yes very anime. nice.

end23 said on Aug. 03 '09

so cute.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tiffani N said on Aug. 03 '09

So cute I love it. I have question though if maybe you are someone else can answer it. How would a client use the yellow gradient background that you have? Do they try and match that yellow to their website? I'm confused about displaying the logos against colored backgrounds and how the color is actually used by a client. Thanks :)

joshtang said on Aug. 03 '09

Hi. Can I have you work on a logo for me?

swabai said on Aug. 04 '09

wow that's a great art. nice graphic smile.

chriiiz said on Aug. 05 '09

Pretty Cool !

whoa! said on Aug. 06 '09

Wooot! Can I squeeze it pretty please!?!

GdogPdidio said on Aug. 06 '09

oh wow! Love the character. color palette is great too!

MDX said on Aug. 07 '09

My Daughter likes this one a lot.

libran005 said on Aug. 18 '09

very cute and adorable...

lmarks said on Aug. 19 '09

Lovely! (:

birdcreativeworks said on Apr. 17 '10

wow thanks for the comment hehehe

logopunk said on May. 09 '10

hehe, he is a cut as anything!

logopunk said on May. 09 '10

sorry, meant cute!

myway999 said on May. 09 '10


csshut said on Jan. 16 '11

nice work buddy

just posted on my blog site http://www.csshunt.com/logos/

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