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by akinom11 • Uploaded: Jul. 21 '09

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Status: For sale

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coy said on Jul. 21 '09

nice image/ idea. the bottom of the bowl looks as if it should be curved to match the metal part.?

hitbyreindeer said on Jul. 21 '09

love the concept, but I have to agree with coy, the bottom of the bowl seems a bit off IMO.

topfuel said on Jul. 21 '09

I too. love the concept...nicely done...IMO...the perspective is just fine as I look at my light bulb. IMO the screw-in part could be at an angle, but is fine as is. IMO I might make "for" in orange...remember...we all have an artistic lisense (sic).

fogra said on Jul. 21 '09

You might also need to adjust the highlight direction of the screw to match the highlight direction of the glass above it.

gyui said on Jul. 21 '09

agree with all the comments above. also the kerning seems a little much, maybe tighten it up a tad?

dotflo said on Jul. 21 '09

nice idea..

lundeja said on Jul. 21 '09

For sale eh?

Logo Pond - A place to fish for ideas, Brand and Identity showcase.

This really is an inspiration site :)

barryconvex said on Jul. 22 '09

Did I miss something or is this basically a variation of something that has been done so many times before that it has become clipart?

akinom11 said on Jul. 24 '09

Thanks a lot for the feedback. Lundeja thanks for dropping by .And Barry its not "about doing different things but doing things differently".

barryconvex said on Jul. 24 '09

OK, maybe my comment seems a little rude. The illustration is nice, but you´ll understand that anything that´s about visualizing creativity or ideas in general is really facing the most difficult challenge.

fogra said on Jul. 24 '09

Will you be making the necessary amends as highlighted above? I also see that it is for sale on Brandstock in its current form.

dbunk said on Jul. 24 '09

Not sure if u'd be willing to try it, you could flip the bulb vertically, it would also look like a fish bowl...

akinom11 said on Jul. 26 '09

Yes, Fogra I will upload the edited version soon.Dbunk,i will give your suggestion a try.

tass said on Aug. 01 '09

Funny little guy in there!

akinom11 said on Aug. 02 '09

thanks tass!

rabbit_hoang said on Aug. 30 '09

how cute! However, do you think the fish need more details ?

rudy hurtado said on Nov. 29 '09

Very cute, but it reminds me what's happening in LP lately.

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