Grace Hospice

by strangeideas • Uploaded: Jul. 08 '09
Gallerized Aug. '09 0ecc9f9b1ecace390ff6d1ef861e8042.png

Description: Hospice.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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penflare said on Jul. 08 '09

love this mark, not a fan of the type, but beautiful mark

firebrand said on Jul. 08 '09

Lovely work again.

logoboom said on Jul. 08 '09

very nice. this is a good example of gradients used smartly.

sebastiany said on Jul. 08 '09

great work!!!!

OcularInk said on Jul. 08 '09

Man, you're good.

strangeideas said on Jul. 08 '09

Thanks everyone.

gyui said on Jul. 08 '09

kind of reminded me of the girl scouts logo :P

Lovely job nonetheless strangeideas!

QuirkDesign said on Jul. 08 '09

Yes, very nice.

grigoriou said on Jul. 08 '09

spectacular work my friend!

logotomy said on Jul. 08 '09

Really beautiful mark!

fogra said on Jul. 08 '09

Superb work again.

Brandsimplicity said on Jul. 08 '09

Great mark,loving your work:)

alterego said on Jul. 08 '09

just amazing !!

dotflo said on Jul. 09 '09

great one

jengfx said on Jul. 09 '09

just one word... WOW!

artbox said on Jul. 10 '09


jsae said on Jul. 21 '09

this is truly fantastic. brilliant concept, brilliantly executed!

coy said on Jul. 21 '09

stunning. beutiful, graceful, hopeful. just a few words that come to mind when looking at it.

tass said on Aug. 01 '09

The inner shadow gives it a very nice depth. I like the symbol very much.

JohnM said on Aug. 03 '09


truenorthe said on Aug. 04 '09

What a beautiful mark. It works on different layers of meaning. Wonderful!

relate said on Aug. 04 '09

Gradients/shading are very well executed, imo.

raja said on Aug. 04 '09


notkristina said on Aug. 04 '09

Clean and lovely.. However, on first glance, I saw a woman in three-quarter view, facing to the left (the shape of the dove brings to mind the curve of her cheek and the top of her ear, and the tree then forms her hair). Perhaps this is intentional. If it isn't, it does lead me to wonder if this logo has an opportunity to bring the two basic images together to form something larger, rather than simply layering them. What do you think?

logomotive said on Aug. 05 '09

Really dig your work James.

strangeideas said on Aug. 05 '09

logomotive said:

Really dig your work James.

Thanks. I like your work as well.

jmadison said on Aug. 06 '09

For some reason it remids me of the Girl Scout logo.

m_molloy said on Aug. 11 '09

Not usually a fan of gradients but in this case I think it works very well. To me the dove looks like it is a paper cutout that wants to fly right off the surface. Great mark!

birofunk said on Aug. 12 '09

beautiful mark!

rabbit_hoang said on Aug. 28 '09

beautiful 'n elegant mark

logopunk said on May. 10 '10

not sure it needs the shading, but a really lovely mark to go with a sensative subject

arpad said on May. 10 '10

Nice mark, the text needs some work imho.

strangeideas said on Nov. 24 '10

Hey, Jibran. Stop spamming my work.

azdesignvn said on Dec. 29 '10


vadimpaschenko said on Jun. 11 '16

fantastic mark

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