Circus of Magazines

by logotomy • Uploaded: Jul. 06 '09
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Description: Logo for an upcoming website marketplace for magazines.

As seen on: Olivier Courbet

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: magazinecircus

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logotomy said on Jul. 06 '09

i'll post the colored version soon.

dotflo said on Jul. 06 '09

nice idea logotomy:) maybe it would look better with the two text lines aligned

logotomy said on Jul. 06 '09

thanks dotflo. It is still in progress so i am tweaking it up ;)

JohnM said on Jul. 06 '09

fantastic logotomy...

logotomy said on Jul. 06 '09

thanks John

Type08 said on Jul. 06 '09

Not bad at all, cool idea!

Brandsimplicity said on Jul. 06 '09

Very clever,nicely done.

dbunk said on Jul. 06 '09

Brilliant execution !

logotomy said on Jul. 06 '09

thank you guys :)

QuirkDesign said on Jul. 08 '09


OcularInk said on Jul. 08 '09

This one must have gotten lost in a flood of bad logos uploaded to the pond, cause' I don't remember it. Very nice concept!!

fogra said on Jul. 08 '09


AlexWende said on Jul. 08 '09

This one is ingenious! Great font too!

logomotive said on Jul. 08 '09

^whatever they all said, Ditto.

firebrand said on Jul. 08 '09

@Ocularink: You're not wrong there!

Hayes Image said on Jul. 08 '09

The beauty of simplicity..I wouldn%u2019t even bother making a coloured version of this, you%u2019ve nailed it. :)

firebrand said on Jul. 09 '09

Very nice work, logotomy.

OcularInk said on Jul. 09 '09

@firebrand: Haha, it's been pretty bad lately. Where did all the talent go?

bartodell said on Jul. 09 '09

Diggin it!

jengfx said on Jul. 09 '09

What can i say?... this is beautiful!

eziemac said on Jul. 09 '09

very nice work

Farmill said on Jul. 09 '09


dooms said on Jul. 09 '09

amazing, very nice work! An upcoming wolda winner!

camilorendon said on Jul. 09 '09

super. que buen hallazgo!

lboi said on Jul. 09 '09

very nice! I love how you have given fluid motion to the pages/magazines :-)

alldesign said on Jul. 09 '09

so smart!!

rfrusso said on Jul. 09 '09

Fabulous concept, brilliant execution. One of the best I've seen lately.

andreiu said on Jul. 10 '09

great idea! :)

logotomy said on Jul. 10 '09

Thanks everybody!

ranganath said on Jul. 10 '09

Nice execution.

artbox said on Jul. 10 '09


2ccreative said on Jul. 10 '09

great work! it's just perfect!

onesummer said on Jul. 10 '09


JenniferClement said on Jul. 10 '09

Love it! Great concept!

shamoon said on Jul. 10 '09

I was astounded to realize that its a circus tent formed with papers. that's a great logo and very efficiently executed idea.

S.Aslan said on Jul. 11 '09


Petro said on Jul. 11 '09

That's great!

tao said on Jul. 12 '09

That's beautiful! Clever thinking :)

srd said on Jul. 12 '09

great, looking forward the color variation.

ahab said on Jul. 13 '09

Very nice. Great job.

raja said on Jul. 13 '09

How did that happen? I made the above comment haha

tiko1232 said on Jul. 15 '09

Perfect bro, just simply perfect :)

ethereal said on Jul. 15 '09

This is great, nice job!

alldesign said on Jul. 15 '09

it's logos like this that keep me coming back here to logopond. :) hopefully, my work will one day make an impact like this one does. thanks for inspring me, logotomy!!

Mason Roberts said on Jul. 17 '09

Simplicity at its finest! :)

logotomy said on Jul. 17 '09

Thanks Guys, means a lot to me.

paul rand said on Jul. 17 '09

Looking good.
May I suggest a ball at the top center.
Also, "of" is not resting comfortably there since it doesn't
relate to Circus, rather to Magazines.

Either a one liner or something creative with "of" on three lines.

mariqua said on Jul. 18 '09

Wow, with the title of "Circus of Magazines" to work with, you did a fantastic job. It had a lot of cheese potential, which you negotiated very well.

mko0mk said on Aug. 16 '09

Perfect in red colour!

fourplus said on Jan. 27 '10

realy like it!
nice graphic and typography!

Atom Design said on Feb. 24 '10

wow!!! great concept, and style as well.

milash said on Jun. 04 '10

congratulations on wolda

logotomy said on Jun. 04 '10

Thank you Milash!

logotomy said on Jun. 04 '10

And thanks to Davy Dooms for his comment. I entered the competition after reading it :)

AlexWende said on Jun. 07 '10

omg, congrats on wolda and the mediabistro logoawards!! :D

dooms said on Jul. 19 '10

haha, indeed. I don't remember I said that...
So deserved.

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