PinPoint Painting V2

by rudyhurtado • Uploaded: Jun. 30 '09

Description: This is a painting company, they want a more corporate look to give them more credibility, no colours yet, I want to make sure the forms work first, I have to many options and I want to narrow it down to 3, I'm doing my survey but any suggestions will be welcomed, thanks.

Status: Unused proposal

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: paintersrollerpaint

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gyui said on Jun. 30 '09

i think this is my favorite, but I like the other concept with the smaller "p" inside the larger "p". not so fond of the "pinpoint" type choice though.

OcularInk said on Jun. 30 '09

I prefer this one as well.

khloosoff said on Jun. 30 '09


sdijock said on Jun. 30 '09

This is my preference. Nice work.

rudy hurtado said on Jun. 30 '09

Thanks for your input guys, much appreciated.

MomentumMagazine said on Jun. 30 '09

I definitely like this one the best. Really represents the company well. Nice work!

rudy hurtado said on Jun. 30 '09

Thanks for you input Joe, it's helping alot.

chrisrojo said on Jun. 30 '09

Yeahhhh this rocks!!

cseven said on Jun. 30 '09

Hey Rudy. I'm with the others that this is the best of the bunch.
We also had the challenge of branding a painter - check out http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/61583 for something along similar lines to yours.

rudy hurtado said on Jun. 30 '09

Cool Chris, very nice, and thank you for your comments, I guess I should start applying some colours, specially to this one. thank you Chris (rojo) as well.

tass said on Jul. 01 '09

This is cool again.

rudy hurtado said on Jul. 01 '09

I thank you for all your input Alex, Josh, Vikki, Jared, Bronte, Ed and John, it's becoming an easy decision.

Type08 said on Jul. 01 '09

Rudy, just an idea - why not use only a paint brush roller and flip it horizontally - it looks like a P itself?

Type08 said on Jul. 01 '09

Excuse me, explanation - it is strange to see the line coming out of the handle and not being a trace of the roller... If you know what I mean...

rudy hurtado said on Jul. 01 '09

Hey Alen, I should try that for sure, thanks for the suggestion, no stone unturned in this case for me.

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