by mabu • Uploaded: Jun. 28 '09
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Description: You know why fish are so thin? They eat fish.

As seen on: mabu.dk

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Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

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rudy hurtado said on Jun. 28 '09

Beauty Mads!

mabu said on Jun. 28 '09

Thanks my friend!

Art Machine said on Jun. 28 '09

Nice playing around!

chrisrojo said on Jun. 28 '09

very clever!!

epsilon said on Jun. 28 '09

As any random combination of symbols this is also likely to be a valid Perl program :)

andreiu said on Jun. 28 '09

what about <*)))>{ ? :D

mabu said on Jun. 28 '09

Julian, Chris, Eps and Nima, thanks guys! And thank you for the suggestion andrei :-)

andreiu said on Jun. 28 '09

i think it's better! and no problem. i am grateful! :)

alterego said on Jun. 28 '09

really nice.... well done mate

firebrand said on Jun. 29 '09

Nice one, mabu.

dotflo said on Jun. 29 '09

great idea

mabu said on Jun. 29 '09

Thanks guys!

QuirkDesign said on Jun. 29 '09

Beyond clever. Great one.

michaelspitz said on Jun. 29 '09

Clever stuff...!

MoJoe said on Jun. 30 '09

Never come across someone who'd even rip the brand name! hahaha! - http://www.cafepress.com/threadyourself.239428813

And this has been getting so much attention here!

tokostyler said on Jun. 30 '09

like it!:)

BK said on Jul. 01 '09

awesome...good job

Runce said on Jul. 01 '09

Hehe, cool, a perfect logo for a programmer ;)

tao said on Jul. 02 '09


mavric said on Jul. 02 '09

nice one mate :)


mabu said on Jul. 02 '09

Thanks a lot guys! Means a lot to me! And for you MoJoe: I can't take you seriously.

ethereal said on Jul. 02 '09

Nice one, man!

mabu said on Jul. 04 '09

Thanks Sean!

@dadado: The link doesn't work here. What is it?

rivalstudent said on Jul. 07 '09

clever indeed

dbunk said on Jul. 07 '09

Code/Fish...Somethin' Fishy!

Scarletbits.com said on Jul. 10 '09

Hey, very nice logo, we featured it in our latest roundup, here: http://scarletbits.com/2009/20-fish-inspired-logos/ take a look! :)

mabu said on Jul. 11 '09

Thanks a lot guys and thank you for featuring the logo Scarletbits. That's nice of you :o)

logoluver said on Jul. 11 '09

Your work is so inspiring to me.

ogtbarnes said on Jul. 12 '09

so clever

Mishka said on Jul. 17 '09

I know and use right this version of ascii fish long time, it isn't original idea for me...

chriiiz said on Aug. 06 '09

Sweet !

jerron said on Aug. 22 '09

Simply brilliant!

rabbit_hoang said on Aug. 28 '09

creative one

oski said on Sep. 03 '09


Jpayne said on Dec. 20 '09

Really smart. well done

stevey17 said on Dec. 20 '09

really good

alegria71 said on Jan. 25 '10


logopunk said on May. 07 '10

Yup, solid idea and execution - perhaps I'd personally make the icon a little more proportional to the text?

mabu said on May. 08 '10

Thanks gents. I'm overwhelmed.

Pixel Freak creative Logo Design said on Jun. 10 '11

Nice design, clean smart concept well done.

Artgeko said on Jan. 09 '12

No doubt a great idea and competent realization!

logodoctor said on Jul. 31 '12

Nice design

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