Photo Kitchen

by dwit • Uploaded: Jun. 17 '09
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Description: Food Photographer

Status: Client work

Commenting: Actively seeking critiques

Tags: funnyphotographykitchenchefcute

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Type08 said on Jun. 18 '09

Megacute! I think it could work without the frames around the name (although it looks like a table)...

OcularInk said on Jun. 18 '09

Yep, this is nice. The fold over on the coat seems a little awkward that that line is only on one side. While it makes sense, have you tried it without that line? Just me being nit-picky. Because there's a reason for it, I suppose it works. :-)

dwit said on Jun. 18 '09

@Type08 You're right, it actually looks very good without the frame(round table) around it; but I'll keep the table for certain applications I have in mind with the logo. :) Although...removing it would work in other circumstances.

@OcularInk Hmm, I'll try experimenting with that and see what works! Thanks for the comment! :)

bigjerk said on Jun. 18 '09

Is it just me, or was there not a similar logo for a bakery with a similarly rotund mustachioed mascot featured a short while ago?

andreiu said on Jun. 18 '09

very cute character

cseven said on Jun. 18 '09

Lovely design and a memorable logo.

gold coast website design said on Jun. 18 '09

Has a great home-cooked feel about it :)

ericisfuzzy said on Jun. 18 '09

I love this graphic, the illustration is very charming. I would possibly make the camera a little larger (it's currently all about the mustachio'd man), and would consider maybe enlarge the font or capitalizing the P & K? It sorta looks like a sticker for a product more than a business. Just my humble thoughts :)

lboi said on Jun. 21 '09

ooh nice one!

Chooka said on Jun. 23 '09

very clever. i like the chef.

bigjerk said on Jun. 24 '09

Here's the similar logo I was referencing; http://logopond.com/gallery/detail/51572

dwit said on Jul. 01 '09

@bigjerk oh, yeah. that one's a great logo! It also inspired me in making this one.

@everyone else, thanks!

Petro said on Jul. 06 '09

Megalogo! Very nice! I like it so match!

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