art bomb

by OcularInk • Uploaded: Jun. 03 '09
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Description: The art bomb logo symbol merges an iconic bomb with a pencil. It's a hip, fun and modern logo that is both memorable and unique. It could work for an illustrator, a design firm, a blog about art, and more.

As seen on: Unused Concept

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m1sternoname said on Jun. 03 '09

Very nice!

penflare said on Jun. 03 '09

i like when you are inspired

Hayes Image said on Jun. 03 '09

pencils of mass destruction...oh wait, yours exists ;p

brandsimplicity said on Jun. 03 '09

Sensational mate.

alterego said on Jun. 03 '09

i had this concept but i couldn't develop this as a logo :( ....but this one is more stronger .i like it alot :)

mcdseven said on Jun. 04 '09

lovely job Kev...
@Alterego... same concept alright but Kevs is much superior I'm afraid! Its a pain in the ass when that happens!

grigoriou said on Jun. 04 '09

i like both. nice work kev.

alterego thats not a bad mark at all! more background illustration feel to yours alter. kev's has more standalone power.

cseven said on Jun. 04 '09


sean23uk said on Jun. 04 '09

loving your work :)

s.aslan said on Jun. 04 '09

clean work i like it

designabot said on Jun. 04 '09

@Hayes image.. LOL! Kev sweet work mate

mabu said on Jun. 04 '09

I'm getting inspired when you're inspired ocular ;-)

smartinup said on Jun. 04 '09

that is great kevin, awesome.

BK said on Jun. 04 '09


OcularInk said on Jun. 04 '09

Oh my!!!! Thanks everyone. And thanks David for the recent gallery inclusions. I appreciate it. Cheers my friends!!

ethereal said on Jun. 04 '09

You have to stop this, ocularink, just stop it!

logoboom said on Jun. 04 '09

this is the bomb...and i know bombs

OcularInk said on Jun. 05 '09

@ethereal - HAHA, okay, I'll stop. Thanks Sean! :-P
@logoboom - You know bombs?! Uh oh...Glen's packed and ready to go. Kaboooom!!

napule said on Jun. 05 '09

Good. Very good.

OcularInk said on Jun. 07 '09

Thanks, Gaetano!

lboi said on Jun. 12 '09

cool one!

Logobility said on Jun. 15 '09

nice one.

OcularInk said on Jun. 16 '09

Thanks Sneh, Andrew and Dalius.

ilovewebdesign said on Jun. 19 '09

sign and typography simply and perfect, simply perfect!

OcularInk said on Nov. 25 '09

Thanks so much, Dietmar!

mcguire design said on Jun. 04 '10

This is the bomb ;)

OcularInk said on Jun. 07 '10

No, you're the bomb! :^)

BujarLuboci said on Feb. 02 '15

very inspiring

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