by Fogra • Uploaded: Jun. 01 '09
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Description: Logo for a web-based company who gathers information for their clients from trade exhibitions through a wide range of media.

Status: Client work

Commenting: Not seeking critique

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rudy hurtado said on Jun. 01 '09

Nice form Sean, I like the colors too, hope it sells.

m1sternoname said on Jun. 01 '09

nice flow!

Type08 said on Jun. 01 '09

Showtime! :)

fogra said on Jun. 01 '09

Cheers all :)

tass said on Jun. 01 '09

real nice shape and colors attached to it :)

MomentumMagazine said on Jun. 01 '09

I love it!

fogra said on Jun. 02 '09

Thanks to you all.

Porter Design said on Jun. 04 '09

Really nice gradients and form.

karimix said on Jul. 10 '09


firebrand said on Jul. 17 '09

Thought I'd commented. Fascinating design, Sean.

fogra said on Jul. 17 '09

Thank you Ryan & Karim.

Cheers, Roy. Long time no speak bud :)

libran005 said on Aug. 19 '09

sexy curves...great job...

fogra said on Aug. 19 '09

Thank you, Thierry and Bharat.

michaelspitz said on Sep. 22 '09

Great mark! Dig the color!

logoholik said on Feb. 26 '10

I swear I commented on this beauty before... really nice!

fogra said on Feb. 26 '10

Thanks, Bojan, Michael.

Type08 said on Mar. 25 '10

People, check out this super interesting interview I did with our friend Sean AKA Fogra: http://blog.creativityden.com/26-creative-logos-of-the-week/

fogra said on Mar. 25 '10

Thanks again for the opportunity, Alen!

Type08 said on Mar. 25 '10

You're welcome Sean, great interview! Thanks!

Mikeymike said on Mar. 29 '10

great flow to this. very cool.

mcdseven said on Mar. 29 '10

love this bad boy.

nido said on Mar. 29 '10

Fogra deserves a feature on LP... long over due...

Hayes Image said on Mar. 29 '10

He's had one...a couple of months after you were featued.

Both deserved ;)

ethereal said on Mar. 29 '10

Nice to see this again, Sean.

freshcl said on Mar. 29 '10

very nice!

raja said on Mar. 29 '10

I'm with you all as well, and I'm sure I said something nice and cheesy like 'the name says it all' . Maybe he uploaded again.

Beautiful design work

Dzwonek said on Mar. 30 '10

nice and smooth. I like it!

Logo Design Monster said on Mar. 30 '10

I love this logo! The colours and the flowing design are really nice. Will float and add to favorites now.

Type08 said on Mar. 30 '10

Just a reminder, read here about how Sean designed it: http://blog.creativityden.com/26-creative-logos-of-the-week/

fogra said on Mar. 30 '10

Thanks everybody. Nice surprise to see this one on the fp this morning.

firebrand said on Mar. 30 '10

@raja: I think you said Showstopper. ;)

crislabno said on Mar. 30 '10

great shape my friend, I would work on the font thou (it's nice but you can do better!!)

Gafyn said on Mar. 30 '10

Good job Sean. Can't understand why I didn't seen this one before today!

yhoo said on Mar. 30 '10

good very good:

nido said on Mar. 30 '10

Hayes Image said:

He's had one...a couple of months after you were featued.

oh yeah... dude you need to update your personal logo on that feature page... this new one is awesome

fogra said on Mar. 30 '10

@crislabno: Thanks, Cris. You're probably right about the font and nobody does type better than you :)
@Gafyn: Cheers, mate. I was hiding this one ;)
@yhoo. Thanks :)
@Nav: Thanks, I know. That old flower needs to go...it's a bit like MikeE's duck at this stage :)

fogra said on Mar. 30 '10

Hi Anthony. The client actually preferred to use helvetica for the type but I know what you mean, cheers.

Porter Design said on Mar. 30 '10

I love the colors. A lot! Great logo.

guylabbe said on Mar. 30 '10

Wah.. I really like the shape, gradients and colors. Is there a black and white version?

ethereal said on Mar. 30 '10

Love how even self-proclaimed Swiss designers hate Helvetica - the most beautiful typeface ever created.

thelaboratory said on Mar. 31 '10

Really nice. I like the abstracted S idea and I think you made the fourishing shape really appealing.

visualogue said on Apr. 04 '10

That's a beautiful fluid shape (or form). Well done! :)

fogra said on Apr. 09 '10

Thanks, everyone.

chants said on Apr. 12 '10

Amazing shape and form....love the style. :)

zhoosh said on Apr. 19 '10

Love the mark - colours & shading nice as well! Good job!

matt.h said on May. 10 '10

Great mark, love the curves.

Roarky said on Nov. 02 '10

Wow... I love this...

nido said on Dec. 25 '10

thought you might be interested in this...


it's a students submission so perhaps it is not being used anywhere for real, although that's beside the point... I would have no idea how you would contact them either...

nido said on Dec. 25 '10

actually... this could be him...


Ocularink said on Dec. 25 '10

We need to find out what school he's attending. Plagarism is not taken likely, and honestly, he should be kicked out of the program, if not, the school all together. P.S. Awesome work, Sean!

nido said on Dec. 25 '10

^did you get that for christmas?... ;)

fogra said on Dec. 26 '10

Thanks Nav. I have left a message and am waiting to see what happens. And thank you too Kev. I agree that using other designer's work, even in college, should be taken very seriously. Hope you all had a great Xmas Day too.

nido said on Dec. 26 '10

no worries mate... hope you get it sorted...

hanuman shakti said on Aug. 26 '11

I see that you have special skill on this kind of mark....love it very much:)

fogra said on Aug. 26 '11

Cheers. I guess I like this style.

kız oyunları said on Oct. 18 '11

Cheers. I guess I like this style.

sjlwebdesign said on Jan. 09 '12

I'm in love with this logo, everything works especially the mix of blue and green in the flowing shape

fogra said on Jan. 09 '12


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