Cowbra 2.0

by misterjones • Uploaded: Jun. 01 '09
Gallerized Jun. '09 bd5d358aa2bc12bb6caef33be650b980.png

Description: version without shadow, highlights. Added some grass for the cow instead.

Status: Just for fun

Commenting: Not seeking critique

Tags: stripeszebracow

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Type08 said on Jun. 01 '09

...or Zecow! :) Superb execution, MJ!

mister jones said on Jun. 01 '09

cheers guys. Zecow is nice too, maybe for v3.0..
The floating cow didn't look good, so I added some grass - it's a nice addition in case she gets hungry too.

eziemac said on Jun. 01 '09

sweet, mate, the grass is a good addition

alterego said on Jun. 01 '09

pretty nice :)

Tømme said on Jun. 01 '09

love the mark, but the spacing between the 3 elements is bit off imo. good job on the illustration!

OcularInk said on Jun. 01 '09

Always love your work, Mister Jones. Nice merging of elements. :-)

logoholik said on Jun. 01 '09

nah, it's a fake cow :) Good one Mr. Jones!

gyui said on Jun. 01 '09

Hey Mr. Jones, cool concept, but when i looked at the thumb, i immediately read cobra. just my 2 cents.

snowkai said on Jun. 01 '09


tokostyler said on Jun. 01 '09

very good. good job:)

dimARTirosov said on Jun. 01 '09


ethereal said on Jun. 01 '09

Love it!

ahab said on Jun. 01 '09

This is great. Nice job.

andreiu said on Jun. 01 '09

cow be damned! :D

mister jones said on Jun. 01 '09

thanks everyone for the nice comments and thanks David for putting my cow in the gallery :)

mabu said on Jun. 01 '09

Totally love it!

epsilon said on Jun. 01 '09

What all of them ^ said :)

cerise said on Jun. 01 '09

Inspirational stuff.

Hayes Image said on Jun. 01 '09

Amazing work :)

crislabno said on Jun. 01 '09


JustCreativeDesign said on Jun. 01 '09

Is that a designer Easter Egg I see on the back legs? The word Hi? ;)

hindmarshdesign said on Jun. 01 '09

So so so neatly illustrated. Stunning logo! Congrats!

koodoz said on Jun. 02 '09

Yeah, this is a real crowd pleaser. Nice concept Jonesy!

logoluver said on Jun. 02 '09


birofunk said on Jun. 02 '09

superb execution!

zAnta said on Jun. 02 '09

Quite nice to look at. :)

But does it still work in very small sizes? Printed on a pen?

designabot said on Jun. 02 '09

agree with the others. This one is even better

mister jones said on Jun. 02 '09

@zanta. since this is free work, size limitations were of no concern. But anyway, just did a test print on different sizes and the 10mm version still comes out nicely. The 5mm version on the other hand failed hard. :)

oh and thanks again everyone for the very nice comments.

firebrand said on Jun. 02 '09

Very nice, Mister J.

clint said on Jun. 02 '09

Great work.
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logomotive said on Jun. 02 '09

Diggin the cow.

dullo said on Jun. 03 '09

Excellent concept and execution.

bigjerk said on Jun. 03 '09

Personally I'd prefer a cow/cobra hybrid. Hot damn!

brohouse said on Jun. 04 '09

Great job. I really like it.

aniapppot said on Jun. 07 '09

Love it!

oski said on Jun. 10 '09

10 of 10

Sprayboo said on Jun. 11 '09

Can i buy the Logo?

mister jones said on Jun. 11 '09

Sprayboo, drop me an email at tom[at]meandmisterjones[dot]be

lws said on Aug. 03 '09

I love it...

jithinac said on Oct. 26 '09

hi ur work is listed in another web site as his work
chk this link
chk the logos section

Bitencourt said on Oct. 26 '09

Three animals :)

cow and cobra! LOL


lundeja said on Oct. 26 '09

@jithinac Thanks for the link! I see one of my logos is in there, as well. Several others on this site, too.

JF said on Oct. 26 '09

There needs to be litigation. Don't mess around or waste your time with losers like that.

If I was anyone who happened to be ripped off by that person who owns that site, I'd have my lawyer draft a nice, to-the-point letter, send it along, then go to that person's ISP and demand the site be blocked until that stolen copyrighted material is taken down.

ISPs don't like to be involved in anything illegal, and last time I checked, theft was illegal. No matter where it happens, no matter what country. And, by asking the ISP, I mean sending them one of those nice letters that names them as a liable party. Once they get that, they should 'get it' and then take it down.

mister jones said on Oct. 27 '09

thanks for that, jithinac. Will respond appropriately.

epsilon said on Oct. 27 '09

> There needs to be litigation

It's hard to litigate when a person in Dubai, AE.

mister jones said on Nov. 17 '09

never got a reaction from our Dubai friend or his hosting company but the stolen logos have been removed from his site.

leiliu_net said on Jan. 22 '10


logopunk said on May. 07 '10

This a real company? Sounds like cobra, but pretty unique name & design if it is...

Iflexion said on Apr. 07 '11

mister jones, very nice design! What about version with shadows?

redchocolate said on May. 04 '12


q2serves said on Sep. 10 '12

mister jones its really very nice please also tell us how to use shadows !!!

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